“What I really wanted to do was share part of a life journey.  I’m still learning about who I am, I’m still a searcher – but the searching is where the good stuff lies. You gotta experience everything to really know where you’re going.” -CC Trubiak

C.C. Trubiak: Tiny Army: The D. Holmes Sessions

CC Trubiak - Tiny Army: The D Holmes Sessions

Tiny Army: The D Holmes Sessions is a prairie boy’s folk-roots love letter to love, loss, regret and, most of all, hope. CC Trubiak’s sweet singing is wrapped in a cozy blanket of guitars, banjoes, mandolins and other acoustic goodness and there’s no getting around how purely honest it sounds. Recorded with multi-instrumentalist Darren Holmes, guest stars include Keturah Johnson, The PepTides’ Olexandra Pruchnicky and Rebecca Abbott, along with many others.

In the quiet simplicity the album feels a little bit like a patch of warm sunlight on the face. CC Trubiak most definitely sings with his heart comfortably on his sleeve.

CC and the Tiny Army Band live at Johnny’s Social Club in Flin Flon, Manitoba, May 9, 2014

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Unless otherwise mentioned: Vocals (lead and background) by C.C. Trubiak – Produced and arranged by Darren Holmes – guitars, percussion, banjo, kitty litter scoop, found tom-tom, mandolin, bass guitar and other instruments by Darren Holmes

Photography by Darren Holmes

Recorded and mixed at BlacMao

“Coming Home” – Written by C.C. Trubiak

“All I Need” – Written by D. Holmes – Additional vocals by Keturah Johnson – Backing chorus vocals D. Holmes – Accordion by Peter Wilk – Harmonium by Jonathan Sims

“Ballad of a Seeker” – Written by D. Holmes

“Open Up My Heart (You’ll See a Tiny Army)” – Written by Aileen Martella – Pedal Steel Guitar by Dan Artuso – Backing chorus vocals by D. Holmes

“Sunrise” – Written by David Fort – Additional vocals by David Fort – Mandolin by Marc Audet

“Sailor Song” – Written by Claude Marquis – Cello by Rosalind McCanny

“Maggie Brown Eyes” – Written by CC Trubiak

“Blue” – Written by C.C. Trubiak

“Room To Grow” – Written by C.C. Trubiak & D. Holmes

“So Hard” – Written by D. Holmes – Additional vocals by Olexandra Pruchnicky – Backing chorus vocals
by D. Holmes

“Broken Morning” – Written by D. Holmes

“Prairie Boy Instrumental” – Written by C.C. Trubiak – Additional vocals by Keturah Johnson

“Meant For Me” – Written by D. Holmes – Backing chorus vocals by D. Holmes

“Illusions” – Written by C.C. Trubiak – Accordion by Jenny – Lead and rhythm electric guitar by Isaac – Chorus ensemble arranged and performed by Rebecca Abbott & D. Holmes

“Nothing Matters” – Written by Claude Marquis – Backing chorus voices by D. Holmes

“Hole In My Rowboat” – Written by C.C. Trubiak – Backing vocals by D. Holmes.

Thanks to: Peter Wilk / Keturah Johnson / Jonathan Sims / Isaac / Rebecca Abbott / Claude Marquis / David Fort / Aileen Martella / Dan Artuso / Danniel Oickle / Rosalind McCanny / Olexandra Pruchnicky / Marc Audet / Doug & Ann / Chad Pabianek / Derek Kemp / Judy & Anita / Joanna Dauk / Catherine Joa-Hall / Jennifer Joa-Wendlandt / Kristin Imrie / Kevin Holmes / Robert, Laurelle, Riley & Quinn Trubiak / Carrie Lynn Marshall / Chantal / Arlo / Crystal & Mark Kolt / Charlotte Ann Ross / Stacey Hyndman / Miranda Bowman / Jennifer Leudy-Wilson / Dolly Parton / Holly Barron / Natalie Milligan / Uncle Sterling / Stephen Bellefeuille / Hugo (Boss) / Ebony, James & Jord / Amber Trubiak / Jehlin & Dryden / Marguerite Jansen / Dhara / Olivia Newton-John / Katie Kozak / Melissa Bolton-Streitle / Jonathon Naylor / Lisa Goodfellow / Brent & Susan Lethbridge / Paul & Erick Bergman / John, Kim & Bryce Klassen / The Port In The Storm / Libby Stoker-Lavalle / Neil Smith / Brittany & Clare / Richard Jansen / Nathan Barron / Mike Spencer / Brandy Leptick Reid / Noreen Fagen / Kaj Hassellriis / Mark Szyszlo

** SPECIAL thanks to Alain Lachapelle for unwavering love & encouragement; Richard & Sharon Trubiak for making me who I am; & to Darren for an unforgettable gift & experience…


Darren Holmes thanks Chantal Lancaster and Arlo Bee Holmes for being there for the whole ride. Kevin Holmes for the instruments, most of which were used in the making of this thing. Jared Barter, for ears…and oh yes, your Martin is in there. Rosalind McCanny and some sweet cello. Marc Audet and mando (playing and lending). Tom Durack for mixing/mastering widsom. Jonathan Sims, fabulous harmonium. Keturah Johnson for channeling spirits, even in a basement. Rebecca Noelle, Olexandra Pruchnicky: singing, conversation, collaboration. Alain Lachapelle, Lisa Goodfellow, Dann Oickle, time, patience & expertise. CC, onward, upward friend…

70 Responses

  1. Cailie Paterson says:

    I love to “find my peaceful paradise” grab a cup of coffee and listen to tiny army. Almost every some takes me back with nostalgic memories of past and current loves. I love that the lyrics are so full of passion. I can understand how this album has been so healing to CC, as I find it peaceful and healing just listening to it. Job well done! ;)

  2. Cailie Paterson says:

    I love to “find my peaceful paradise” with a cup of coffee, and get lost in my thoughts listening to this album. Almost every song makes me nostalgic thinking of past loves and current loves. His lyrics are so passionate, peaceful and beautiful. I can tell this was a very healing album to write, because for me its a very healing album to listen to.

  3. Leslie says:

    I’ll admit to being a little biased when it comes to CC’s music. I love him, so I will naturally love anything he writes, or draws, or sings, or just loves, but this is a great album. After a long and hard day it’s comforting to come and relax with my old friend. Sunrise is a particular favourite, as well as Ballad of a Seeker. Great work, CC! Keep it up! <3

  4. ejan says:

    i love this album and i love cc. a light yet heart warming sound for the soul. i’m proud to be your “tiny army”. way to go cc!


  5. jean says:

    what a breath of fresh air. it really does have that prairie sounds to it. so light and sweet.

  6. Hamish says:

    I only recently discovered your music and I am really blown away by how genuine it is. Thanks for the good times CC.

  7. Melanie says:

    Why won’t they play you on Australian radio!? I love your music, it’s a shame they haven’t “found” you down here yet.

  8. Chris Anderson says:

    Really nice music you guys are putting together. This is the first album of yours that I have heard and I am really impressed. I better check out the back catalogue!

  9. Lewis says:

    Really stoked on this album, it’s a really unique sound. Keep doing what you do!

  10. Rachel says:

    Wallpapers, awesome! Every time I give one of your CD’s a spin it puts a smile on my face. Now I can rep your wallpaper on my work computer! :)

  11. Jessie says:

    Thanks for releasing this album CC Trubiak, my mum and I love it – I am going to get her a copy for her birthday. I love the artwork by the way!

  12. Robert says:

    Really digging this new album! Fresh new music, such a great sound. Congrats!

  13. Kristie says:

    Hey is there any chance you have a Soundcloud account or something similar? I’d like to be able to link my followers to some of your music. :)

  14. Thomas says:

    A buddy of mine just linked me to you on Facebook. I like your sound man, it’s nice and refreshing.

  15. Chris says:

    Hey that video is awesome! I really like your music but I was blown away by that video too – it looks really cool.

    • cctadmin says:

      Cool – the video was put together by the one and only Darren Holmes. He did a stellar job. Thanks for commenting & giving it a listen. CC

  16. bryce says:

    An amazing piece of work that clearly comes straight from the heart! Would love to see you live!….

  17. Jerome says:

    It’s great…love the laid back vibe….good luck with your work…

  18. Albert says:

    Do you have a youtube channel? You got my heart with this album and I also have some favorites but then again you deserve a big thumbs up!

  19. Cris Summers says:

    My friend told me to get a copy of this album and man! he is definitely right that this is amazing!Congratulation on this album CC and Darren!

  20. Thompson J. says:

    Do you have twitter or facebook? Can I blog this? I just want to feature you on my blog and share this to my followers. 100% they will love your music.

  21. Colette says:

    I love the Album:) Coming Home is one of my favourites!!great job CC. Love ya and truly proud to own a CD that’s on my dash of my SUV!!

  22. Palma says:

    I am your biggest fan and I wish you all the best this year and for the coming year. You got my support all the way.

  23. Melissa says:

    I love this new album…..I loved the first album just as much….whenever I need some down time I listen to my favorite tracks off C.C’s albums….open up my heart, Illusions, and Prairie Boy are among some of my favourites….he is a real talent and I love listening to the stories and feeling all the emotions he brings to his music.

    • cctadmin says:

      Melissa you are really a true friend and fan – it gives me the greatest joy to know you & to trust the beauty of your words. I love you dearly . xx

  24. Aisa says:

    I have a two favorite song so far on your album and that is Blue and Coming home…but I love the rest but those are my most favorite. I wish to hear more new songs from you because you really are a good artist.

    • cctadmin says:

      I really appreciate you dropping a line Aisa – & I do hope to have more to share with you down the line so stay connected!

  25. Agustin says:

    Without a doubt I can see talent within you and regardless which song you made because all of them are amazing. I wish you a the best year of 2014.

  26. Gerald Anderson says:

    That’s the music I always want to listen everyday. We should show our full support to those artist that who deserves to get notice and this is one of them.

    • cctadmin says:

      So glad this is your type of music Gerald – & believe me, your support sure does not go unappreciated by me. Take care.

  27. Susan Gunn says:

    I feel very proud to call Curtis my friend and be present for this amazing musical journey that has unfolded for him… His music is pure and speaks honestly to the heart from the heart…Its our luck he’s sharing with us! As a co-director of the Tin Roof Music Festival, held annually near Beausejour MB, I can honestly say his gift of music would be a tremendous addition to any line up .

  28. Dorian says:

    What an incredible album! It is an absolute joy to listen to. Blue is beautiful.

    • cctadmin says:

      Why thank you Dorian! It was a real great time being involved with this project & I’m only grateful if it brings some joy into your world. :-)

  29. Simply brilliance wrapped in honesty and nestled in experience. I have had this album on repeat since the day that I first opened the packaging. Having had the luxury of performing with and working closely with C.C. for many years, I am awestruck by his growth as an artist and how he has managed to maintain his authenticity while pursuing new avenues. What a blessing to music, and what a gift he is sharing with us. We are the lucky ones.

    • cctadmin says:

      As always Danniel – your words bring a smile & here’s to all that comes with putting yourself out there; the good, the bad and the ugly. Its all worth experiencing. :-) I’m lucky for your friendship!

  30. Karmalee says:

    I am in love with CC’s new album “Tiny Army”. I cannot pick one favorite song on this album because they all are wonderful.
    I love that CC’s personality and life journey shine through every single song. I feel like he’s right there when I am listening telling me his story.
    I have recommended this album to family and friends and will continue to do so!
    Xo CC

  31. B.Adams says:

    Curtis is a great dude and an awesome musician! Love the music, great album, great art, a true inspiration. Look forward to hearing more from Curtis in the future!

    • cctadmin says:

      Hehehe – Brady I sure do take a compliment from you highly – you’re a great writer and musician yourself – very inspiring in your own right. :-)

  32. Amber says:

    what an amazing album CC! Can’t pick a favorite song as all of them are soo good in so many different ways! keep on making such amazing songs that touch people’s hearts! your an amazing artist!

  33. Jane White says:

    A M A Z I N G! I lost count on how many times I’ve been listening to your music. I will definitely get a wallpaper too because your music is so good that I am so proud to share it with my friends.

    • cctadmin says:

      Jane – it brings a big smile to my face that you’ve listened to the album so much so that you’ve lost track. I’ve felt that way about a great many albums so its rather nifty to hear I’ve been able to inspire the same. I owe a great deal to the folks who helped me make it and to folks like you for giving it a listen.

  34. Natalie says:

    Amazing album!! I absolutely love listening to Curtis. My ultimate favourite song is Illusions. What a great song. It’s an even more amazing feeling to know such an incredible man with such a great soul and amazing voice. CC, you are an inspiration and please continue to drop these amazing albums!

  35. Erick Bergman says:

    Tiny Army is a truly great album. You can feel the passion that went into each track. The writing and style is enthralling, meaningful, comforting, refreshing and honest. C.C has an emotion to his vocals that is straight from the heart. It only takes one listen to hear how special this work is. I can not say enough about it, and i can’t wait to see whats next!

    • cctadmin says:

      Of course a comment such as this from you Erick is seriously appreciated – You’re a wicked talent in your own right and I really enjoy any opportunity to play with you. Cheers!

  36. Shawn James says:

    I absolutely love CC! He is one if my favourite people and I feel blessed to know him. I wish all the best and more to my friend. His music is moving, saddening, inspiring and unbelievable. Miss you and love you Curtis.

  37. J. Stuart says:

    I have been listening to this album none stop!!!! Total eargasm!!! I could seriously listen to your voice forever!!! So in love with this cd!!!

  38. Catina says:

    CC,a life’s journey is the best way to describe your words and the music that unfolds.Your passion, courage and dedication to the creative world inspires me to keep pushing forward in my personal journey and in my own writing adventures.

    • cctadmin says:

      Catina, I feel much the same about you and your journey as well; very inspiring to see you go for it and you know I”m cheering you on as much as you have always cheered me on. x

  39. R. A. B. Perch says:

    I’ve listened to CC sing for many years, and he has always brought an honesty and vulnerability and intimacy to every song he sings. It’s these things that pull the listener in. Even in a crowded room you think CC is singing just to you.

  40. Alain says:

    Great album!!! Awesome sound, and such great music to chill with. Can’t wait to hear more from CC and Darren!!!!

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