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Published by cctadmin on October 25th, 2011

Iconic model of the late ’60s and ’70s, granddaughter of the brilliant fashion genius  ELSA SCHiAPPARELLi, once coined “the girl of the Seventies” by YVES SAiNT LAURENT, MARiSA BERENSON has to be one of the most exquisite beauties of all time.

Sometimes a woman comes along who embodies the spirit of her time with effortless quality that that defies all words. BERENSON was one of the most captivating woman of her era. Every now and then I go back and visit her there in the land of inspiration from that time -


Published by cctadmin on August 5th, 2011
I’ve always been inspired by BiANCA JAGGER’s style. A true fashionista, socialite and style icon, she was a main feature at STUDiO 54 with one of her best friends ANDY WARHOLBiANCA and MiCK JAGGER were an amazingly glamorous couple and went out a lot in the seventies.  Every designer wanted to dress her and she always looked exotic and wonderful.
Although I don’t have her dusky looks, I love the clothes she wore; one shoulder tops and dresses, lots of fabulous things created by her friend HALSTON, the hooded and Grecian dresses, furs, sequins, turbans, chokers, stunning hats, silk kaftans and of course the legendary YVES SAiNT LAURENT suits.