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Published by cctadmin on July 9th, 2012

MUTAGENiCS STUDiOS is an Ottawa-based creative team that produces dark and twisted art.  They are comprised of  Owner TiMOTHY BACON, and Partner/Photographer PAUL GREEN, who for the last three decades have worked in broadcast media, interactive media, advertising and branded entertainment as writers and creative directors. They have had numerous screenplays & original television series optioned, and in 2006  formed MUTAGENiC STUDiOS to “explore photography and develop their own art styles that would allow us to go beyond the written word, create unique imagery and push the boundaries of our storytelling.” Their photographic artwork has appeared in the Montreal Mirror, Guerilla Magazine, Rue Morgue Magazine, just to name a few.

Recently this amazing duo launched another exciting project called Babylon Smith: An Illustrated Novel.   To get a sense of the story-telling these imaginative two do, picture if you will, a character by the name of Babylon Smith, a freelance Regulator working the mean streets of the mega-city, struggling to make ends meet.   It’s the stuff of comic book fans dream of and without a doubt you can tell TiMOTHY and PAUL are true fans of this art form.  In every photo I happened to see gracing the walls of M-STUDiOS I could see the dedication in every shot, in every character they dreamed up.

With all of this said – I graciously and very excitedly accepted M-STUDiOS invitation to partake in another project currently on the go, a series of short stories/graphic novels.  This kind of thing really excited me because although I could never claim to be a DiE-HARD COMiC NERD in the truest sense of the title I did grow up very into comics, and the escapism involved in that particular sci-fi sphere.  What appealed to me about comics when I was young was the opportunity to use your imagination to be taken away to another time and place, and it just so happens these guys know how to create these worlds and characters with respect for the genre.  Hence why I had no trouble considering this as a worthwhile project.  I’ll take any opportunity I can to escape my own reality – especially in the hands of TiMOTHY and PAUL.  They gave me a story line and a character to embody – and I took this direction and ran with it.

That said – here are a few photos from this morning when we united at their headquarters, although for any further information on who I play or what this particular story is about, I’m afraid you are gonna have to wait.  Come on, you know you love a little mystery now right?  What I can say is that its gonna come out looking pretty dark, gritty and in short, pretty darn slick if you ask me.

I’ll keep you posted on any developments but in the meantime check out their website for more:


Published by cctadmin on May 2nd, 2012

Had a fantastically productive and creative morning yesterday with DARREN HOLMES.  We’re still plugging away at tracks for an undetermined future release and I’m exceptionally happy with the results.

In typical fashion I trecked out to DARREN’S place for coffee/talk/music – and on all scores it proved to be good times.  In particular we continued our work on HOLME’S original tune ALL i NEED and the AiLEEN MARTELLA orginal OPEN UP MY HEART (YOU’LL SEE A TiNY ARMY).  These songs are friggin’ fantastic and for me to be able to come in and interpret them in my own style has been a great learning process not to mention a whole lot of fun  I think all involved are happy with the evolution of these tracks.  I know I am.  I’ll leave it at that for now – as only time will tell where we go next!

Thank you DARREN for the times – and for your wonderful generosity and commitment to me and this project.

Check out these pics from yesterday and stay tuned because I may have some photos to share that DARREN took in between coffee/recording.


Published by cctadmin on October 1st, 2011

PETER BERLiN (aka Armin Hagen Freiherr von Hoyhingen-Huene) is a notorious gay porn star of the early 1970s, best known for his groundbreaking films THAT BOY and NiGHTS iN BLACK LEATHER.   He is also my number one iNFLUENCE in terms of figures  who  helped shape my outlook on sexuality and what alluring means to me.  He certainly made this boy appreciate the art of how to dress seductively – in a way that presses all my right buttons.  These influences have undeniably found there way into my own photography – as not only can I relate to his methods (he is an incredibly private man who did his self-portrait work alone) but I also  relate to  his sensibility that the male body is actually sexier when dressed provocatively.  His alter ego, better known as PETER BERLiN is not unlike my own CC TRUBiAK, in that I take from the idea that if utilized effectively, clothing can enhance a character and even provoke because they are often an extension of who we are.   Never having been one to get too excited over full-on nudity  – I am and remain considerably more affected and turned on by revealing and alluring clothes that enhance what are my favorite parts of the male physic.  Even in today’s over-saturated world of porn I find his erotic images timeless in their raw sexuality – and therefore they have a bigger impact  than the plethora of male nude images floating around on the net.  What they lack comparatively to say the imagery of PETER BERLiN is what BERLiN did best : highly suggestive clothing cloaked in full-on hedonism.

Not only a photographer/porn star he’s an intelligent man with a sensibility I also relate to regarding the working process of photography. What is less known is that the countless covers and photo layouts of PETER BERLiN in gay magazines through the late 1980s were all taken by BERLiN who is himself a professional photographer. His assignments routinely took him to Paris, Rome and London where he photographed celebrities including SOPHiA LOREN, CATHERiNE DENEUVE, JEAN-PAUL BELMONDO, BRiGiTTE BARDOT, ALFRED HiTCHCOCK, JEANNE MOREAU, MAURiCE CHEVALiER, RiCHARD WiDMARK and the clothes designers: PiERRE CARDiN, KARL LAGERFELD and VALENTiNO.When BERLiN turned the camera on himself, he played each of two roles on different halves of the separately exposed negatives wearing his hallmark crotch grabbing costumes (all designed and executed by BERLiN). Even less known, is that PETER BERLiN is a gifted graphic artist. When the handling of black and white negatives in the darkroom occasionally resulted in prints that were slightly underexposed and grayish, he used his touch up pen and brush to darken the lines and increase the contrast. Soon he was using oils, acrylics and watercolors permitting him to enhance, embellish as well as colorize his black and white prints.The next step was the complete transformation or elimination of the backgrounds. He also started cutting up his photographs and creating collages with single or multiple self-images using different backgrounds from magazines including their covers and interior street and nature scenes. BERLiN’S talent as a graphic artist is perhaps best shown in his detailed pencil drawings which are well represented in this first exhibition of PETER BERLiN’S.  The body of PETER BERLiN’S creative work defies easy characterization. He challenges conventional notions of art and pornography and is perhaps alone with TOM of FiNLAND in having created iconic images of masculine drag.

For PETER BERLiN’S official website, go to


Published by cctadmin on February 6th, 2011