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CC CHRONICLES: Throwback Thursday / Mutagenic Studios in 2012

Published by cctadmin on August 6th, 2015


Once upon a time CC Trubiak appeared as a character in a graphic novel.  The year: 2012.  The graphic novel: Ascension by Ottawa’s very own Mutagenic Studios Interactive.

Mutagenic Studios Interactive was originally formed in 2006 by Timothy Bacon and Paul Green, two talented guys who had worked as writers and creative directors for almost three decades in broadcast media, interactive media and advertising.  They optioned numerous screenplays and original television series also served as lead writers at Fuel Industries, an advanced interactive agency (not to mention one of the worlds largest advergame developers) where they developed their skills and creativity.

At the time they formed Mutagenic Studios Interactive, they wanted to explore photography and art that would allow them to go beyond the written word  and push the boundaries of their storytelling.Their work had appeared in various publications however they embarked on this vision and continue to do so today with great success. Currently they are in production on a number of original properties for digital, print and film that combine their unique brand of writing, photography and art.

I met Timothy and Paul through mutual friends of ours in Ottawa, where I’d been living and working at the time; these friends had appeared as characters in their graphic novel project Babylon Smith. They recommended we collaborate ourselves and being the curious adventurer I am I thought it would be an interesting creative experience. I was also craving opportunities to collaborate with folks who think outside the box and these guys certainly fit the bill.

We set up time for me to come over to the studio and shoot – they’d communicated to me that they wanted someone to play the main character of Ascension, a “dystopian tale of horror and revenge”. That was all I needed to know – the rest I figured I would learn as I went along!  My recollection of the shoot itself makes me smile – the studio’s wall-to-wall art impressed me a lot.  As a kid who grew up loving comics (both Marvel and Archie) and horror movies (Friday the 13th, Alien, Carrie etc) as well as making up my own drawings/comics I was couldn’t help but marvel (there’s that word again!) at their talent, creativity and their tenacity.  Their photography impressed me with its grit, colour; a bit provocative and certainly striking. I took notice of all the characters and the models representing these creations – each person was unique and I couldn’t help but want to be up there on that wall with them.  A part of that brilliant world.

The shoot came and went; I completely trusted their vision and eventually Ascension was released to the public.  It was the kind of experience I would have been open to exploring even more had I not left Ottawa however, that said I still follow their work and remain in touch with Timothy from time to time.  Thank you guys so much for the experience; proud to keep this little memory tucked away in the vaults of my mind.  Rock on and keep  entertaining and inspiring the world!

Here’s the link to Ascension on the Blog:


Shot 04


Published by cctadmin on July 9th, 2012

This is a teaser shot from the wonderful collaboration with MUTAGENiC STUDiOS yesterday! As I’ve mentioned previously, I will be starring in their next mini-comic called  ‘Ascension‘. They just started production on it this morning. It’s a science fiction/horror story.

Make sure to check out their website for more goodies and stuff!


Published by cctadmin on July 9th, 2012

MUTAGENiCS STUDiOS is an Ottawa-based creative team that produces dark and twisted art.  They are comprised of  Owner TiMOTHY BACON, and Partner/Photographer PAUL GREEN, who for the last three decades have worked in broadcast media, interactive media, advertising and branded entertainment as writers and creative directors. They have had numerous screenplays & original television series optioned, and in 2006  formed MUTAGENiC STUDiOS to “explore photography and develop their own art styles that would allow us to go beyond the written word, create unique imagery and push the boundaries of our storytelling.” Their photographic artwork has appeared in the Montreal Mirror, Guerilla Magazine, Rue Morgue Magazine, just to name a few.

Recently this amazing duo launched another exciting project called Babylon Smith: An Illustrated Novel.   To get a sense of the story-telling these imaginative two do, picture if you will, a character by the name of Babylon Smith, a freelance Regulator working the mean streets of the mega-city, struggling to make ends meet.   It’s the stuff of comic book fans dream of and without a doubt you can tell TiMOTHY and PAUL are true fans of this art form.  In every photo I happened to see gracing the walls of M-STUDiOS I could see the dedication in every shot, in every character they dreamed up.

With all of this said – I graciously and very excitedly accepted M-STUDiOS invitation to partake in another project currently on the go, a series of short stories/graphic novels.  This kind of thing really excited me because although I could never claim to be a DiE-HARD COMiC NERD in the truest sense of the title I did grow up very into comics, and the escapism involved in that particular sci-fi sphere.  What appealed to me about comics when I was young was the opportunity to use your imagination to be taken away to another time and place, and it just so happens these guys know how to create these worlds and characters with respect for the genre.  Hence why I had no trouble considering this as a worthwhile project.  I’ll take any opportunity I can to escape my own reality – especially in the hands of TiMOTHY and PAUL.  They gave me a story line and a character to embody – and I took this direction and ran with it.

That said – here are a few photos from this morning when we united at their headquarters, although for any further information on who I play or what this particular story is about, I’m afraid you are gonna have to wait.  Come on, you know you love a little mystery now right?  What I can say is that its gonna come out looking pretty dark, gritty and in short, pretty darn slick if you ask me.

I’ll keep you posted on any developments but in the meantime check out their website for more: