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CC CHRONICLES: Throwback Thursday / With Colleen circa 1999

Published by cctadmin on August 27th, 2015


This Throwback Thursday I’m thinking of one very special person in particular; and a time that seems long ago but is certainly not forgotten by me.

I lived in Winnipeg, Manitoba from about 1998-2002. I have a lot of fond memories of past friends and of all the places I worked and became familiar with socially. One of the people I’ll cherish forever was my friend Colleen, whom I had a special connection to and still think of to this day. I worked for a spell in Osbourne Village’s Blockbuster Video and originally met Colleen as a customer who frequented our location and was very well loved by all the staff there. What I recall most about those initial contacts was that she was a big fan of the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer (particularly Angel) and we’d talk at length about it and all sorts of other programs we shared in common. She was kind.

Ironically enough, I eventually moved into an apartment that was not only in the same building as Colleen, but the same floor as well. We took that initial connection at the video store and built on it; Colleen would invite me over to her apartment and we’d watch recorded episodes of Buffy and she’d cook me nice meals. She was gracious and I can’t tell you how much those times meant to me. Her company was appreciated, and she was a soft and gentle person with quick wit and generous soul.

Later on I ended up residing in Ottawa, and while we did keep up sporadically, eventually we did come to having less and less of these communications. I learned later on that Colleen had passed away, far too young, and this news hit hard. Every now and then her memory will return to me and I’ll be reminded how life is such a precious thing. If I’d known she wouldn’t ‘always’ be there maybe I would have shown her more love, commitment as a friend and maybe …. Who knows. There are just so many things I would want her to know; like that I loved and valued her for who she was and for the kindness she showed me in our brief time. I would hug her and I would tell her what a beautiful human being she is/was.

Here’s to friends like Colleen; and here’s to the memories we’ll cherish.




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CC CHRONiCLES: Notes from a friend….

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I’m not really big on celebrating my birthday – but don’t get me wrong, I love a good party.  This year I turned 35 (Jan. 29th) and as always, what I enjoy most about that day is hearing from friends and family.  Everyone is always so apt to sending love on birthdays so how can one not feel blessed?

I’m especially feeling that love – even in and around life’s regular battles and turmoil.   For example, last night a group of us gathered at a friends place – where they had a double birthday celebration for myself and our friend Anna.  The place was packed, and there was loads of food, music and laughter.  It was quite loud actually !!!  I enjoyed it though – and was very surprised at the incredibly thoughtful birthday cake they made for me, as exhibited below in photograph.  My face, super-imposed over John Travolta’s.

It aroused the most laughter from me and what touches me most – that these friends have paid enough attention to what it is that appeals to me – that they would then go as far as to arrange for such a cake to be made.  This kind of thoughtfulness and attention to detail is honestly what life is all about!

Thanks for the love guys. Here’s to 35!


CC CHRONiCLES: New Friends & Sources of Strength

Published by cctadmin on October 11th, 2013


Today I would like to give special thanks to the Klassen family; a family that has become dear to me in a very short period of time through out my Dad’s radiation treatments here in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  I’m sitting here, comfortably in my room at A Port In The Storm, where Dad & I (along with my brother & sister, respectively) have been staying while he undergoes treatment for cancer.

I met John, Kim & Bryce Klassen, originally from around Brandon, on my first night here with Dad weeks ago.  John has been undergoing chemo, radiation & stem cell surgery for leukaemia since May, with his wife & son staying here at PITS with him through out the process.  Neither Dad nor I could have predicted that we’d interact with them so much, as prior to arriving we had little idea of what the experience would be like at all.  Low & behold I’ve personally spent hours upon hours with them over walks, meals, photo shoots, trips to the pharmacy & grocer, & countless comforting conversations & inside jokes.  These things took all of our minds, even temporarily so, away from our own worries.


Let me say I am just so blessed to have met you John, Kim & Bryce.  If you ever read this you must know that you have all been a source of support to me & my Dad in this time when I know you are all contending with your own battle.  John, to me you are a true blessing because what you have been to my Dad is an inspiration for your will, courage & your eternally positive attitude.  Your wife & son Bryce love you so much & even when you are not around you are always in their thoughts, this I know.

Kim, I truly believe we have begun a friendship that I will cherish for a very long time; I thank you for taking me in, bringing me along for rides, feeding me, sharing your ups & downs & allowing me to do the same.  You’re a special & talented woman, & it makes me sad to have to part in many ways, yet know, that I’m always a text or call away.

Bryce my friend – what a time I’ve had buddying up with you; going for coffees, talking film & art, going to the dining room.  I underestimated how much I’d need that companionship here – & the time you have spent with my Dad I will forever be grateful for as well.  I couldn’t tell you the last time he was around someone your age this often, I enjoyed watching him relate to you & every time you referred to him as Richard, I suppose I don’t hear people refer to him more than ‘Dad’ most of the time.  You’re a talented young man & I’m rooting for you, always there if you need a sounding board.

All in all – your family is always welcome in Flin Flon, its an open invitation & when the time is right (& someday it will be), my family will receive you with open arms & you can call our place home for as long as you need.  My thoughts & prayers are with you, always.

Love, CC

*Below are a couple of shots taken by Kim & Bryce.

For more of Kim Klassen‘s photography please visit her website here.




Published by cctadmin on July 20th, 2012

Not surprisingly, I keep busy creatively speaking – and who can really blame me given the army of incredibly diverse and interesting people out there one has to ‘play’ with.  Over the past couple of years I have been insanely blessed to have a friend in DANNiEL OiCKLE, founding artist/producer of TORRiD PRODUCTiONS, and photographer, visual artist, poet, musician and performance artist extraordinaire!

To be a part of TORRiD has been a huge enjoyment to say the least, and I have DANNiEL to thank for that.  As a result this inclusion has opened up a lot of doors for me to meet and work with many interesting folks on a variety of things.  Now that the time has come for me to pack up and ship out to Manitoba for a spell, it is also time for me to wrap things up with regards to the projects I’ve been working on with DANNiEL, and this is really bitter sweet.  I can never be guaranteed to meet someone as gracious, helpful and ambitious as DANNiEL again in my life; and I can’t help but be proud to associate with this rare bird, for which I appreciate his feathers!   DANNiEL represents to me a like-minded friend – with no shortage of differences, but a whole lot of similarities….  These weekly meetings at TORRiD PRODUCTiONS Headquarters have offered a home away from home  and as a little side note I have to thank his partner YVES for the meals and hospitality (and a few much appreciated lectures on life, love and liberty for good measure!) when I leave there I do so with a full stomach, a broader mind, and a dizzy head from the drinks!

Sentiments aside we had work to do:  DANNiEL is about to release a book of poetry called ‘My Heart Has Teeth’ for which I was able to serve as editor.   This book has been a long time coming, and is not a first for DANNiEL – who has published before and I’m certain will continue.  Although it was a joy to partake in the editing process with DANNiEL, I am saddened by the fact that I can not attend his book release party at La Petite Mort, on August 18th.  I do encourage anyone in the Ottawa area to check out the book launch, and for more information on ‘My Heart Has Teeth‘ and the launch please check or scroll down to bottom of this entry.  Thank you DANNiEL for including me in this process – and I was glad to assist you in any way!  Best of luck with this book launch!

Also – recently we wrapped up a video shoot for CARiNG & HATE, off his album THE CORRUPTiON of FLESH (Torrid Pructions, 2012), which many of you might recall I have been involved with over the past couple of years as well.  Although we have all agreed to hang up our fur shorts and horns in effort to  explore other things – I have to reiterate again what fun it was to explore a more sensual side of myself; parading around in little clothing, consisting of horns and fuck-me boots… as a singer/songwriter I express in a particular way – certainly less physically than what was required of me on THE CORRUPTiON of FLESH – but it allowed me to perform, stretch my comfort zone and above all – enjoy the freedom of expression.  DANNiEL OiCKLE all but created this fantasy world, for better or for worse – and I for one was and remain proud of him and the resulting music, performances and visual art that have been the off-spring of his brain child.

So you can expect CARiNG & HATE to come out sometime in the fall or winter – and this project involved a lot of very talented people; including photographers DAN ZiEMKiEWiCZ, BONNiE FiNDLAY, the people at MERCURY LOUNGE and of course, myself, DANNiEL and fellow fawn OLEXANDRA PRUCHNiCKY.  Looking forward to seeing the final product of such labors!

Finally – we used last night to get me in the studio to lay down some vocals on a tune for DANNiEL’S next album, which has no release date at this time, although not surprisingly he is constantly toiling away and working on developing it.  TO MY LOVE is a OiCKLE original, and a song that he wrote when he was just 17 years old.  We included it in his production of THE CORRUPTiON of FLESH, performing it hundreds of times between all the rehearsals for shows and the performances themselves and so it was important to record while I’m still here.  Take a look at the photos below – as he and I went to work on laying things down.  Again – thank you DANNiEL for bringing me in on this track – I’ll tuck all my TORRiD memories away and pull them out from time to time in appreciation of all the wonderful things that have come from this time.

All in all it has been a great chapter – my involvement with DANNiEL and TORRiD PRODUCTiONS; and although I will remain a part of this fantastic crock-pot of people – it is still difficult to let that go entirely… how often in life can you come across such opportunity to explore??



August 18

Book Release Party & Performance August 18th, 8-11 pm
La Petite Mort Gallery
306 Cumberland Street

This isn’t your grandmother’s poetry! Danniel D.D. Oickle, author of “Dancing in Silence” (#4 Canada, 2011- iTunes Book Charts) is back with his second book, “My Heart Has Teeth.” On Saturday August 18th, from 8-11pm, Danniel would love you to join him for a celebratory book release party and performance reading at La Petite Mort Gallery, [306 Cumberland St., Ottawa, ON, K1N7H9, (613)860-1555]. The evening will include an exhibit and one-time sale of the illustrations from the book and a performance reading by Danniel Oickle and special guests: Olexandra Pruchnicky, Jesse Reynolds, Eric Trottier, Dan Francoeur, and Sarah Oickle. And of course, nothing makes verse sound better than a few drinks, so there will be a cash bar.

While maintaining his perspective in the new book, Oickle has matured in his themes and tonality. Ranging from tightly structured to free verse, he seamlessly flows from poem to poem, choosing the perfect structure to compliment the theme of the piece. Included in this collection are the audience favorites: “I’m Ever So Slightly Crazy,” “Love’s True Nature,” and “The Corruption of Flesh,” which one reviewer described as “emotional bloodletting” (2B Magazine). Oickle concludes the book with “The Fall,” a narrative opus in structured, free verse, and prose that serves as a masterful allegory for the end of days. Reminiscent of the prophetic works of the late Sir William Blake, Oickle weaves a tapestry of imagery, iconography, mythology, religion, sexuality, and symbolism throughout the book and corresponding artwork, often combining the two to create an even deeper layer of meaning.

Born at the dawn of the 80s, into the glitz and glamour of the time, Danniel has travelled extensively as the child of a Canadian military officer, from his birthplace on the prairies of Alberta to the sun-struck beaches of Cyprus. Receiving critical acclaim for his albums, “Poison Apples & Other Delicacies” and “The Corruption of Flesh,” Danniel has combined disciplines and methods of poetic presentation to become known as an “electro-poet” (Étre Magazine) intent on bringing poetry out of the mothballs and into the light of a new generation.


“Oickle has created a piece where sexuality and religion collide to electric effect.”
- Luna Allison, Xtra! (Mar 15, 2012)
“Une nouvelle génération d’artistes.”
- Bruno Julien , RG Magazine (Sep 21, 2011)
“Oickle does not appear as if he is about to slow down.”
- Katherine Ellis, Bohemia Magazine (Aug 5, 2011)
“[A person] whose perfectionism is so accepting, whose exhibitionism manages to be humble, that their words make and heal scars at the same time”…”a half-man half-animal poet.”
- Jordan Arseneault, 2B Magazine (Dec 16, 2011)


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