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CC CHRONICLES: Previously Unreleased Dylan Cover / ‘I Threw It All Away’

Published by cctadmin on September 2nd, 2014


Here it is – a rare and previously unreleased recording that Darren Holmes and I did back in Aylmer, Quebec 2011.  Originally, this Dylan tune (from his 1969 album Nashville Skyline) was intended to be included on Tiny Army: The D. Holmes Sessions; in fact it was the first recording that Darren and I did as a collaborative pair.  We’ll call it a warm-up exercise.

I’ve always been a huge fan of Nashville Skyline, and in particular ‘I Threw It All Away’ was the track I gravitated towards as a listener myself.  Not surprisingly Rolling Stone magazine listed as #42 in the 100 Greatest Dylan Songs of all time, which is not a bad placing I have to say, tho the entire Nashville Skyline album is a gem worth including in any Bob Dylan fans repertoire.   Rolling Stone called it “straightforward Tin Pan Alley-style song structure” and personally, its the touch of regret you hear in Dylan’s lyrics that spoke to me most.

Speaking of regrets – Holmes and I agreed that with this Dylan song we had a beautiful recording, however as the project moved along and decisions had to be made in terms of a final product – it made sense to cut ‘I Threw It All Away’ along with another Beach Boys cover tune.  Why?  Essentially it boiled down to time and money – two things neither of us had a lot of!  :-)

Alas, two songs were shelved, temporarily so – with an understanding between us that perhaps someday they could see the light of day.  And today is that day!

It gives me great pleasure to share this previously unreleased track (now available exclusively through Youtube) with the listening audience – take it for what it is and hopefully folks can find their own appreciation of it as I found in Dylan’s already classic version.

Here’s to you Dylan.  :-)

*Video by Torrid Productions.

CC CHRONICLES: Jamming with Erick Bergman / Change the World

Published by cctadmin on April 16th, 2014

CC CHRONiCLES: CC & Mark Kolt Cover Joni Mitchell’s ‘Blue’

Published by cctadmin on February 17th, 2014

CC CHRONiCLES: CC Does Joni & Carly / w Mark Kolt on Piano

Published by cctadmin on February 9th, 2014


Had a great time jamming with Mark Kolt today.  Worked out covers of Carly Simon‘s ‘Are You Ticklish‘ and Joni Mitchell‘s ‘My Old Man‘.  Wicked time.  Glad to take a stab at these two tunes as I am huge fans of both songs.  Mark sounds wonderful – and is ever the pro on piano.

CC CHRONiCLES: Jamming for CULTURE SHOCK / Flin Flon Culture Days

Published by cctadmin on September 27th, 2013


Living in a community that’s rich with talents, I’m really stoked to have found myself playing with Paul & Erik Bergman, Brent & Susan Lethbridge & Mark Kolt, respectively.  Brent spearheaded us gathering for the purposes of jamming & seeing if there was any potential for all of us to play at this years Culture Days event, the aptly titled ‘Culture Shock’, where several great local bands will be playing uptown.

I’ve had a great time with these folks; all of whom are amazing talents as well as pure music lovers.  I’ve never really had this kind of chance to belt out tunes with a drummer present, much less keys & all the other frills like harmonies..  Needless to say I feel pretty stoked.

What we’ll be playing tonight at Culture Shock are 7 cover tunes, ranging from blues to rock and even an country ballad; myself, Susan & Brent all sharing the vocal leads.  I tell you, its a good time & I feel honoured to be in on it.

Below is a rough rehearsal of the cover ‘How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)‘ – enjoy!  Maybe we’ll see you out tonight!


CC CHRONICLES: Covering Dolly Parton’s ‘Paradise Road’

Published by cctadmin on September 21st, 2013


Published by cctadmin on January 22nd, 2013



Published by cctadmin on June 24th, 2012

It’s funny – well maybe not so much as funny but ironic : when I used to listen to CAROLE KiNG’S ‘TAPESTRY’ growing up, HOME AGAiN was a favorite even then.  This was before I ever left Manitoba – and I somehow loved the sentiment of this song, despite having never been away from ‘home’ long enough to miss its comforts.

TAPESTRY is/was a pop album released in 1971 on ODE RECORDS.  It is one of the best-selling albums of all-time, with over 25 million copies sold worldwideIt received four GRAMMY AWARDS in 1972, including ALBUM of the YEAR and in 2003, ranked number 36 on ROLLiNG STONE magazine’s list of the 500 greatest albums of all time.

HOME AGAiN was never the huge hit that say IT’S TOO LATE or YOU’VE GOT A FRiEND was – but it’s simplicity make it a sweet stand-out on its own for me.  I found myself singing it the other day, as I was thinking about how new, strange and difficult it will be for me to leave Ontario at the end of July, as I make my way back to Manitoba after all these years for a new job.  I may be moving a head and towards something new – but I am also already feeling the sting of loneliness that I anticipate will hit me hard once I’m there and settled in more.  I will be a part from my love, and the comforts that come along with the home we have here and all of its fixings… and while I am still here enjoying my last month, I already miss him/home – like its already gone…. so this song speaks to my heart today but I know that everything meaningful to me here will remain just that .  There is comfort found there – as i will return home to Ontario one day too!


Published by cctadmin on May 11th, 2012

Last week or weekend (time flies so its a tad difficult to keep up with the details!) DANNiEL, OLEX and I met up in preparation for our show at SAW GALLERY for H’ART OTTAWA’S 10th Anniversary Gala Event.  Working on a low-key, more acoustic set with these two, I’ve got a short little video of us doing AFTER THE GLiTTER FADES, a STEViE NiCKS tune that I covered on my CD THEY SAY i’M DiFFERENT (2011, Torrid Productions).  It’s always a joy to sing this tune with my friends.  Check it out here – and be sure to come check us out on May 25th.

Further info on the gala (called Ten pl+s Ten – you can also find it on Facebook):

H’Art of Ottawa is celebrating their tenth anniversary and you’re invited to join us for an exciting evening of art and entertainment !

The folks at SAW Gallery have thrown open their doors and generous friends of H’Art have organized a party on May 25th from 7-10pm. T…he evening will feature live entertainment, a silent and a live auction, some great treats to nibble on, and a cash bar.

But at the center of the event will be the art work that H’Art of Ottawa’s artists have created as a result of workshops put on by 10 of Ottawa’s professional artists. Come and see how their inspiring time at the H’Art Studio has been interpreted in our talented artists’ work….and meet some of the artists who have donated their time and talent to help H’Art of Ottawa build a broader network into the arts community !

Drop in and rub shoulders with Centretown Ward Counselor Diane Holmes, Mayor Jim Watson, and Ottawa-Centre MPP Yassir Naqvi who will be in attendance that evening to wish H’Art of Ottawa success as we unveil our ambitious plans for the next ten years. All proceeds from the evening will go support the programming at H’Art of Ottawa.

Don’t miss a moment of what promises to be an exciting evening of entertainment, fun, friends, and great art.

Please feel free to share this invitation with friends and family…we look forward to welcoming you all!

Lin Rowsell, Executive Director and Jennifer McKay, President of the Board
H’Art of Ottawa
The Bronson Centre
211 Bronson Ave, Rm 304
Ottawa, ON K1R 6H5



Published by cctadmin on April 22nd, 2012

This past week, as I mentioned previously, my pal DAViD FORT, of Winnipeg based band TWiN, performed at UMi CAFE, along with iNGRiD GATiN & DEViN JOHNSTONE.

I’d never been to UMi CAFE before but it was an intimate setting for an intimate trio of performers.  JOHSTONE & GATiN gave beautiful performances, respectively drawing us in with their musicianship and stories.  I picked up a copy of GATiN’S TiME WiLL CHANGE US and it’s fantastic  – check it out along with one of her music video’s below.  They were highlights – as was TWiN.  Special thanks to DAViD for inviting me up to play THE PEPTiDES SAiLOR SONG – we’d only jammed it out a couple of times but it was a fun moment to share with him, and at least I can say I did it.

For more info:

Also this week I had a chance to connect with my pal iSAAC (aka JOSEF POLLOCK), who’d just recently moved into his new digs.  For a change of things I headed over to his place, where we got the chance to hang out and work on some music.  In particular we continued our work on 5 tracks; a redo of iLLLUSiONS, iSAAC’S ‘WORKHORSE‘, PRAiRiE BOY iNSTRUMENTAL, and a BEACH BOYS cover tune called iN MY ROOM.  I’ve also been tinkering with a melody to a poem by none other than my friend AiLEEN MARTELLA – called MiNE, MiNE, MiNE.  It’s a twisted sort of love song/interlude – and perhaps someday I’ll be able to share more about the writer’s thoughts on this poem/new ditty.

For now I’ll leave you with these pics taken in iSAAC’S new apartment.  Oh, also – if you’re a fan of iSAAC’S/JOSEF POLLUCK (and you darn tootn’ should be!) stay tuned for more from this talented guy.  Be sure to check out his recently released album MiGRATE here: