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CC CHRONICLES: Throwback Thursday / With Colleen circa 1999

Published by cctadmin on August 27th, 2015


This Throwback Thursday I’m thinking of one very special person in particular; and a time that seems long ago but is certainly not forgotten by me.

I lived in Winnipeg, Manitoba from about 1998-2002. I have a lot of fond memories of past friends and of all the places I worked and became familiar with socially. One of the people I’ll cherish forever was my friend Colleen, whom I had a special connection to and still think of to this day. I worked for a spell in Osbourne Village’s Blockbuster Video and originally met Colleen as a customer who frequented our location and was very well loved by all the staff there. What I recall most about those initial contacts was that she was a big fan of the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer (particularly Angel) and we’d talk at length about it and all sorts of other programs we shared in common. She was kind.

Ironically enough, I eventually moved into an apartment that was not only in the same building as Colleen, but the same floor as well. We took that initial connection at the video store and built on it; Colleen would invite me over to her apartment and we’d watch recorded episodes of Buffy and she’d cook me nice meals. She was gracious and I can’t tell you how much those times meant to me. Her company was appreciated, and she was a soft and gentle person with quick wit and generous soul.

Later on I ended up residing in Ottawa, and while we did keep up sporadically, eventually we did come to having less and less of these communications. I learned later on that Colleen had passed away, far too young, and this news hit hard. Every now and then her memory will return to me and I’ll be reminded how life is such a precious thing. If I’d known she wouldn’t ‘always’ be there maybe I would have shown her more love, commitment as a friend and maybe …. Who knows. There are just so many things I would want her to know; like that I loved and valued her for who she was and for the kindness she showed me in our brief time. I would hug her and I would tell her what a beautiful human being she is/was.

Here’s to friends like Colleen; and here’s to the memories we’ll cherish.



CC CHRONICLES: Roots and rocks…

Published by cctadmin on June 19th, 2015


Whenever I think of my dad, I can’t help but associate him with the rocks on which he lived most of his life.  His childhood home was also my childhood home, and these days I guess I am very drawn to them rocks once again.  Dad is gone, but I  need only return there to those rocks and climb around a little, like I did when I was just a kid and find comfort.  Those boulders are nice and private, so I can climb, sit, think, sing out loud or search without a soul around to see or hear me.  Everything is just peaceful and calming on those rocks.    A person can stop.  Breathe.  Take it in and let it out.  And like I said, its as if he’s there somehow; no denying.

I have started rock hunting on these visits because I’m on a mission so to speak.  I search for rocks that I can put in my garden back home.  Not just any rocks I guess, because as we know there are a  lot to choose from up in these parts and that leaves things wide open.  I gather rocks that are small enough that I can carry but big enough and ‘special’ enough,  in say, colour or texture that I just know them when I see them.  I bring them home and place them just so in my garden, around my flowers and tree stumps.  Not only do they ‘dress’ it up a bit but they are peaceful to look at and I think of dad – so its just a win-win situation.  Makes the search funner.  I’ve got cool rocks at this point.  Not gonna go overboard. though!!!!   :-)



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CC CHRONICLES: Celebrate life

Published by cctadmin on February 3rd, 2015


I’m here to welcome a beautiful new baby into this world – little Nicholas Tost!  My friends Karmalee and Jordan had their first little boy last night and I can’t help but want to celebrate life – in these times.

Here’s to you kid!