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CC CHRONICLES: Throwback Thursday / Mutagenic Studios in 2012

Published by cctadmin on August 6th, 2015


Once upon a time CC Trubiak appeared as a character in a graphic novel.  The year: 2012.  The graphic novel: Ascension by Ottawa’s very own Mutagenic Studios Interactive.

Mutagenic Studios Interactive was originally formed in 2006 by Timothy Bacon and Paul Green, two talented guys who had worked as writers and creative directors for almost three decades in broadcast media, interactive media and advertising.  They optioned numerous screenplays and original television series also served as lead writers at Fuel Industries, an advanced interactive agency (not to mention one of the worlds largest advergame developers) where they developed their skills and creativity.

At the time they formed Mutagenic Studios Interactive, they wanted to explore photography and art that would allow them to go beyond the written word  and push the boundaries of their storytelling.Their work had appeared in various publications however they embarked on this vision and continue to do so today with great success. Currently they are in production on a number of original properties for digital, print and film that combine their unique brand of writing, photography and art.

I met Timothy and Paul through mutual friends of ours in Ottawa, where I’d been living and working at the time; these friends had appeared as characters in their graphic novel project Babylon Smith. They recommended we collaborate ourselves and being the curious adventurer I am I thought it would be an interesting creative experience. I was also craving opportunities to collaborate with folks who think outside the box and these guys certainly fit the bill.

We set up time for me to come over to the studio and shoot – they’d communicated to me that they wanted someone to play the main character of Ascension, a “dystopian tale of horror and revenge”. That was all I needed to know – the rest I figured I would learn as I went along!  My recollection of the shoot itself makes me smile – the studio’s wall-to-wall art impressed me a lot.  As a kid who grew up loving comics (both Marvel and Archie) and horror movies (Friday the 13th, Alien, Carrie etc) as well as making up my own drawings/comics I was couldn’t help but marvel (there’s that word again!) at their talent, creativity and their tenacity.  Their photography impressed me with its grit, colour; a bit provocative and certainly striking. I took notice of all the characters and the models representing these creations – each person was unique and I couldn’t help but want to be up there on that wall with them.  A part of that brilliant world.

The shoot came and went; I completely trusted their vision and eventually Ascension was released to the public.  It was the kind of experience I would have been open to exploring even more had I not left Ottawa however, that said I still follow their work and remain in touch with Timothy from time to time.  Thank you guys so much for the experience; proud to keep this little memory tucked away in the vaults of my mind.  Rock on and keep  entertaining and inspiring the world!

Here’s the link to Ascension on the Blog:


Shot 04

CC CHRONICLES: To honk your own horn or not… that is the question

Published by cctadmin on June 20th, 2015


“Sometimes you gotta honk your own horn, ‘cause if ya don’t know ones ever gonna know your coming!” – Dolly Parton.

Much like my idol Dolly Parton, I consider myself a story-teller first and foremost. I love song-writing and whether I’m good at it or not, it’s the purest way I can express myself. I live to produce refrains and as I get older, try embracing that urge to grow as well. Like a tree wants to reach toward the sunny sky I try to grasp musical aspirations.

Half of me agrees with what Dolly affirms about honking your own horn. While I may have my ‘9 to 5’ job in the healthcare profession (no pun intended) my truest joy comes from my love of making music and performing.  Music represents that ‘authentic’ part of myself and I’m compelled to share it, driven to connect to the larger society; as music is so universal it seems any persons melodious skills are gifts worth sharing. This part that strives to adhere and grow also understands there’s times in our life where we seize opportunities; make them, and times we’ll miss or waste them. I look to that quote to assert that if my mission is to connect – I gotta get heard as much as I have to listen.  Who’s gonna hear me unless they know I’m coming? As an artist it seems imperative that you do things to promote art.

I could take all the songs I’ve written, let them sit  and collect on my computer drive or in journals.  Avoid getting on stage for fear of failure or rejection. Alternatively I could have faith; conquer fear.  Connect.   Is being heard something we all want? Maybe, perhaps not. I’ve often grappled with what putting yourself ‘out there’ looks like in action. Self-promotion, branding yourself – performing live and even interacting with audiences while on stage; these are all ways one could ‘honk their own horn’ so to speak.

On the other hand I don’t know how comfortable I am with the notion of ‘honking your own horn’; there is a fine line between self-promotion and even the idea of branding yourself and being narcissistic. Some artists and music lovers alike believe that to sell yourself (or your art/brand etc) is the equivalent of selling your soul. I’m no expert on selling my art or my soul but I do value humility. I believe art speaks for itself yet there’s some conflict; there’s occasional uncertainty of how to stay balanced. I love creating music – I do not love ‘the hustle’; and can’t say I’ve ever been comfortable with networking or managing that aspect of things.

Ultimately I’m still learning just as I am about singing/songwriting/performing; finding that elusive equilibrium. Like the song goes: ‘to everything turn, turn, turn’; I suppose as an artist I believe there’s a time to honk your horn and get people listening to what you want them to hear, and a time to be still and let the creative undertaking be the ultimate objective. A time to let the music speak for itself, even if but only a few ears ever get to hear it. I’ll trust in this process and just enjoy.

What do other artists think?



CC CHRONICLES: Why I’ve Kiboshed My ‘Rolling Stone’ Magazine Cover Dream

Published by cctadmin on May 21st, 2015


Back in the late 80’s and throughout the 90’s, I poured over Rolling Stone Magazine. Didn’t a lot of music lovers?  The articles and interviews were pure escapism, but I especially loved the cover photography; often capturing many of my musical idols in their glory. It seemed  there were a lot of great entertainers; and in my mind, to really make the ‘Rock and Roll dream’  come true, as I naively perceived it, you had to land ‘on the cover of the Rolling Stone’.  I enjoyed that misperception.

My impression then was, to even have the chance of getting on Rolling Stone one had to come equipped with an exceptional talent; for not everyone in music got exposure.  Thousands of prolific songwriters, musicians and vocalists never received that prestigious distinction.   You had to have that edge, that ‘thing’, if you were to realize the dream.  I still remember discovering the 1974 issue with Tanya Tucker, which headlined: “Hi I’m Tanya Tucker. I’m Fifteen.  You’re Gonna Hear from Me.” It was like “Whoa!”  My mind was blown that someone so young could go there based on their vocal talent… It inspired.  The years gave amazing covers, featuring The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, James Taylor, The Eagles, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young – the list goes on and on and on.   Annie Leibovitz in particular, shot a lot of my favourites; with assignments like the John and Yoko cover, or Bette Midler or Steve Martin…. Various images became a youthful ideal for what rock and roll was; to me it incorporated the ability to write and perform entertainment (music, acting, comedy) in such a way that the ‘high-ups’ at Rolling Stone even deemed you ‘worthy’.  Ha!

Back then of course, we did not have the internet; so I’d wait patiently for bi-weekly issues; combing through each one from front cover to back. If the cover art appealed to my ideal, I’d keep it tucked away on my bookshelf along with any others. Still have a lot of them today. Why I keep them still? Nostalgia.

I loved singing and writing, and because I was a loner who spent a majority of time doing these very things (including much daydreaming); I too, fantasized of what it might be like to live life creating music.  Being on the road.  I wondered how I might one day get that cover shot on Rolling Stone.  By the Annie Liebovitz.   What would that look, sound and feel like? Maybe this dream was the same fantasy of thousands of kids across the world?

As time went on though, I became less and less dedicated to following the musical and political publication; I think primarily because I also began to a) grow up and chase life instead of dream about it and b) lose interest in whatever was going on in ‘mainstream’ pop culture as I cultivated my own pathway.  They say  in life you have to stay true to yourself, whatever that means to each of us. There is no offence to the artistry out there today per se, but even now I can’t appreciate the featured artists or the cover photography itself, not as I did back then.  Who was it recently used the word ‘reductive’?    Along with that loss of appreciation of the art of Rolling Stone – I have also long since put away those daydreams.  Too busy writing – trying!

In the late 90′s I used to work at a Winnipeg Blockbuster Video  (an experience in itself) – I’d see the issues coming in over time, more and more featuring Brittany Spears and X-tina, or Backstreet Boys.  Less and less did things hold my interest; girls and boys of all sorts just standing purposefully naked with breasts and bums tooched out so unnaturally.  I mean, I suppose it was ‘sexy’; and sex sells, which I really could appreciate, from an aesthetic and horny perspecitive .   However it registered that you didn’t really have to be all that prolific; you didn’t even have to have anything interesting to say about your music.  It appeared however, have to turn people on.  Make money.  ‘Edge’ as I was familiar, was replaced with sex appeal, in my mind; which is absolutely fine.  I just no longer subscribed to it, pun intended.

Why do I choose to write about this today?  The old dream re-occurred to me recently – that reverie of my Liebovitz cover shot and the accompanying story of my aspirations and schemes of artistry and success.  I had to smile; the youthful self and my previous conceptions verses my own current views on entertainment, media and Rolling Stone Magazine itself.  Fame.

In the end I think that Rolling Stone Magazine is forging on as it should; representing what is trending in music, as it likely did since its birth in 1967.  I don’t know exactly what has changed or what is even important to the mass public.  Perception has evolved.  Oh, I still dream and I still desire recognition if I’m being totally honest.  I remain a dreamer!  Maybe the difference is – I’m grateful enough today;  just knowing that I can sing and write and perform.  That I’ve experienced it and continue to.  Music is my first love.  The recognition and the ‘Rolling Stone Cover’ aspiration itself, no longer holds weight; nor does my attraction to ‘fame’, as I understood it to be.  I don’t need Rolling Stone or stardom to write and sing or do whatever it is I do.  I want to say what’s real to me weather its sexy or appealing to the mass public or not.  Regardless I’m gonna do what I’m gonna do.

The nostalgic in me will still keep those old issues though.  :-)  Props to the past!



CC CHRONICLES: My new/old ‘Johnny West’ C&W shirt!

Published by cctadmin on April 6th, 2015


Thank you Kara P for picking me up this awesome stage shirt in BC!!!  I love it!  Can’t wait to wear it!


CC CHRONICLES: The Fur Ball / Gun’s N’ Roses Tribute Band

Published by cctadmin on April 5th, 2015


Had a nice time out at the Fur Ball fundraiser – caught the Guns N’ Roses Tribute band (called The Night Train) and got THIS close to ‘Slash’s’ cockpit.   :-)  Oh and I also got this rose!!!!  #braggingrights



CC CHRONICLES: Mission NOT Accomplished / #29

Published by cctadmin on March 21st, 2015

light of a clear blue morningI tried tried to record a vid for youtube today and all I got was this selfie.  :-)

The song I wanted to record: Light of  Clear Blue Morning.  The reason:  its one of the first tunes I ever learned on guitar and its a song I personally find meaning in.  Try as I might to record it today I couldn’t do it!  Not for the camera at least.  Oh well.  C’est la vie!

I thought the least I could do was capture the moment, after all the star is the #29 grey sweatshirt I’m sporting.  It was my dads.  Its its all I ever have I will be happy.

Stay tuned for more music tho!



CC CHRONICLES: Coming out of my cave…

Published by cctadmin on January 18th, 2015


If you’ve ever felt as though the winter is long and like you could be contented to just hibernate away – you’ve felt like me these days.  Don’t get me wrong, I love all seasons:  the warm  array of colors of the fall leaves; the fresh scents of the spring flowers and bright and rich green of the summer’s trees… and winter.  Winter… I do love the blanket of snow that covers everything, and the time of year for its holiday cheer.  I also love winter because it gives me the perfect opportunity to cocoon at the end of my work day, and on my weekends which I love spending in my sweatpants and curled up with my cats … bears do it, right?

The thing is – if one’s not careful they can verge on near isolation, HIBERNATION in fact!  :-)

That’s me for sure, straddling that fine line.  I call it ‘self care’ but everything in moderation right? So when I get TOO into my winter hibernation mode I have a tendency to forget that I have a beard to trim, and a world beyond that cave for which I could be out playing in – at least in spurts!  :-)

Les Miserables rehearsals have given me the opportunity to get out of my cave and with that I have been inspired to groom myself; trim the beard, cut the hair, wash the face.  Change from that one orange tank top that just seems to fit so comfy at home yet doesn’t exactly translate into fashion once I hit the outside world.  After all, Marius Pontmercy should NOT look like early man.  Right?

I decided to have a little fun with this process – enjoy!

(*wig used for artistic purposes only) :-)


CC CHRONICLES: Dad and the gifts worth more than gold

Published by cctadmin on December 20th, 2014


For many of us Christmas is a time of love and joy; a time to bring family together and celebrate over food and gift-giving.    For others, its a time of pain, struggle and a reminder of loss and loneliness.  Sometimes its even a combination of both. :-)

Today I think of my dad; after just coming from a visit at his house, where we were both reminded of a Christmas some time ago.  Seems like a foggy forever ago and all at once like yesterday…

See, the long and the short of it is – my dad’s health is not well – tho it hasn’t necessarily been well in years, these days in particular are trying and challenging because his health has indeed taken a turn for the worse.  The future is clear and yet vague.

When I was a little boy, we’re talking ages 7-11, I was incredibly interested in Archie comics:  the colorful drawings, the stories.  My dad, back in those days – would pick me up from McIsaac school for my weekend with him, and as a way to support my interest in comics (or just spoil me), would make a routine stop at The Candy Bar or the comic shop that used to be located by Bud’s Books (for the life of me I can’t remember who owned it or what it was called – can anyone help me?).  To my delight he would allow me 1-2 comics, for which I would pour over for the remainder of the weekend.  I would study them, admire them and then sketch and draw my own imaginations.  Dad actually still has these drawings (my warped versions of slasher horror movies like Friday the 13th), tho they are faded and time-stained by years of dust and cigarette smoke.

I truly love those memories.  I have many.  I can’t even begin to share them all but I will say that dad was always my #1 support in terms of entertaining this artistic interest.  In fact, many of you may recall how within the comics there were advertisements for special comics and collectors cards and toys.  I wanted them ALL – and it was my dad I could share these wishes to.  I’d circle the items I wanted, and I would share them with dad in hinted hopes he’d order them.  In retrospect – that had to cost a lot of money to ship things from the United States to Flin Flon, Manitoba.

Dad heard me loud and clear:  and when I was 9 years old (1988 to be exact) I recall being over-joyed at Christmas because unbeknownst to me, dad did in fact, order me the membership to the Archie Fan Club, as well as two plush Archie and Reggie dolls, bendable figurines, and if that wasn’t enough I also got collectors cards to boot!

My memory is foggy but I know I loved those gifts and to this day I still have them all in my possession, along with the hundreds of comics and knick knacks I would have continued to collect over the next 5 years or so.

Year after year has passed and so many things have changed, but it wasn’t until a week ago when we talked and the subject came up about the Archies.

“Curt, you remember when I got you those Archie cards and dolls?” asked dad.

“Of course dad!  I still have them! ALL of them!”

“Well I’ll be a monkey’s uncle!” he said in total surprise.  “I spent a lot of money on those things and her I just thought you would have gotten rid of them years ago!”

Needless to say I love surprising my dad – so I marched home and collected my Archie stash in one little tin box, and I waited for the right time to present them to him so that he could know without a doubt just what they mean to me.

Today was that day; I stopped at dad’s house after doing some errands for him and watched him open that tin to reveal the treasures I’ve held onto for years.  He was baffled – “Oh!” he exclaimed.   I sat back and watched him, perhaps as he might have watched me initially tear through the wrapping when I first received them that  1988 Christmas.

Together we sifted through the personal letter I got from the Veronica Lodge (she even signed it!) which welcomed me to the club (and encouraged me to purchase her new comic “Veronica Goes to Paris”), my membership card, button, pen and pad…. we perused the collectors cards and special comics I had safely tucked into plastic wrap.

Its very difficult for me not to feel sentimental today; a reminder of how fast time can slip away from us all and how truly rich life is because of him.

Times obviously have to change – but I love you dad, and I am forever grateful for the efforts you made to love me and the the memories I will always cherish.


CC CHRONICLES: CC on CFAR 102.9 with Dallas Clarke

Published by cctadmin on December 9th, 2014


Thank you CFAR 102.9 and Dallas Clarke for taking good care of me on today’s radio program.  I stopped by Flin Flon’s leading radio station to promote this weeks Band On The Run show at Johnny’s; below is a photo of me with the impressionable Clarke – one mighty fine host if you ask me!!

Really looking forward to the shows this week – we’ve worked hard and are truly enjoying the throwing it down for you all.

I’ve been a bit AWOL lately – and for anyone who follows me I apologize; however allow me to just say that once in a while a person needs to go ‘off the grid’ in order to hold on to their own.

Love you all – hope to see you out this weekend!


CC CHRONICLES: An introduction to ‘Band On The Run’ / LIVE @ Johnny’s Social Club THIS DECEMBER!!!

Published by cctadmin on November 10th, 2014


Hello folks!
Got some exciting news for you as we head into the Christmas season; allow me to share and prepare you!

Band On The Run is group of local Flin Flon talents including Erick Bergman (vocals, guitar, drums); Mark Kolt (piano); Brent & Susan Lethbridge (guitar, vocals, percussion); Mike Spencer (guitar); John Bettger (base, guitar) and myself (vocals, percussion). These guys are amazing; several of us have played together in a variety of forms over the past year and it gives us great pleasure to do so! We’ve been working on a solid selection of classic rock/pop/folk for the better part of the past few months – including classics by Steely Dan, John Mayer, Rod Stewart and more; all in effort to hopefully put on an enjoyable and intimate night of fun for the community!

THIS December 12th & 13th we have not one – but two nights of jam-packed music to warm your hearts and rock your souls. Here’s what you need to know:

Where: Johnny’s Social Club
When: Friday & Saturday (December 12 & 13th)
*Bring your own snacks & utensils.

Tickets are $10 & available EXCLUSIVELY @ Orange Toad & Northern Rainbows End beginning Monday, November 10th/2014. If one location has sold out for either night, please check the other location to make sure!
Orange Toad: 687-5093/ 115 Main St.
Northern Rainbows End: 687-7855/ 55 Main St.

***Seating is limited to 80 guests each night – so DO NOT delay in purchasing your tickets at either location. Tickets MUST be brought to the event for admission.