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CC CHRONICLES: Secret Agents Margot & Cloris

Published by cctadmin on November 22nd, 2015


Margot and Cloris are time-traveling British secret agent sisters who solve murder mysteries for a top government organization. Both have been trained to lead lives of espionage but little is known about their family background, other than that their mother and father were also secret agents who mysteriously died when the girls were babies.

Margot is twenty-five years old.  She has dark brown hair and is the brawn of the duo, advanced in martial arts, boxing, gymnastics, and weaponry.   She can scale buildings and speak 6 different languages.  She is rebellious, headstrong and moody; she lives on the edge and throws herself into her under-cover cases with passion.  Being the elder of the two, Margot is also protective, fiercely loyal – and she has a penchant for driving fast cars, cigarettes and intriguingly dangerous men across the times.  She can also ride motorcycles and run extremely well in high heels, fuelled by the burning question of how her parents died and why.

Cloris is twenty-three.  Fair-haired and quiet, she is the brains to her sisters brawn.  Driven by curiosity she is advanced in research, psychology, technology, religion and law. Cloris’ mission is to catch villains and help the ‘good guys’ tho she often learns that the world and people within it are not always black or white in terms of ‘good’ or ‘bad’.  She loves literature, white wine and has a soft spot for brainy underdogs.  Very perceptive and knowing, Cloris is a loner who thrives most under pressure; at ease in the world of spying and murder mystery. She too can run fast in heels however she would always prefer capturing culprits and criminals by means of brains vs. brawn; hence her penchant for getting people to talk, and being clue-based and logical.

The sleuths/secret agents have spent their lives devoted to their missions; which involve the ability to travel back and forth throughout time. Receiving assignments from Superiors in Command they otherwise work independently to complete tasks, which are to retrieve information and solve mysteries.  Time-travelling gives them opportunity to ‘become’ characters undercover, complete with names and identities. Because they work for an organization that is founded in corruption they often come face to face with double agents, assassins, cold-blooded murderers and of course, plenty of dead bodies, friends, allies and lovers.  Despite any given assignments degree of danger or difficulty – the girls always end up on top; mystery solved and back in present time.  One case ends and another begins. That is the glamourous life of Secret Agents Margot and Cloris.


CC CHRONICLES: To honk your own horn or not… that is the question

Published by cctadmin on June 20th, 2015


“Sometimes you gotta honk your own horn, ‘cause if ya don’t know ones ever gonna know your coming!” – Dolly Parton.

Much like my idol Dolly Parton, I consider myself a story-teller first and foremost. I love song-writing and whether I’m good at it or not, it’s the purest way I can express myself. I live to produce refrains and as I get older, try embracing that urge to grow as well. Like a tree wants to reach toward the sunny sky I try to grasp musical aspirations.

Half of me agrees with what Dolly affirms about honking your own horn. While I may have my ‘9 to 5’ job in the healthcare profession (no pun intended) my truest joy comes from my love of making music and performing.  Music represents that ‘authentic’ part of myself and I’m compelled to share it, driven to connect to the larger society; as music is so universal it seems any persons melodious skills are gifts worth sharing. This part that strives to adhere and grow also understands there’s times in our life where we seize opportunities; make them, and times we’ll miss or waste them. I look to that quote to assert that if my mission is to connect – I gotta get heard as much as I have to listen.  Who’s gonna hear me unless they know I’m coming? As an artist it seems imperative that you do things to promote art.

I could take all the songs I’ve written, let them sit  and collect on my computer drive or in journals.  Avoid getting on stage for fear of failure or rejection. Alternatively I could have faith; conquer fear.  Connect.   Is being heard something we all want? Maybe, perhaps not. I’ve often grappled with what putting yourself ‘out there’ looks like in action. Self-promotion, branding yourself – performing live and even interacting with audiences while on stage; these are all ways one could ‘honk their own horn’ so to speak.

On the other hand I don’t know how comfortable I am with the notion of ‘honking your own horn’; there is a fine line between self-promotion and even the idea of branding yourself and being narcissistic. Some artists and music lovers alike believe that to sell yourself (or your art/brand etc) is the equivalent of selling your soul. I’m no expert on selling my art or my soul but I do value humility. I believe art speaks for itself yet there’s some conflict; there’s occasional uncertainty of how to stay balanced. I love creating music – I do not love ‘the hustle’; and can’t say I’ve ever been comfortable with networking or managing that aspect of things.

Ultimately I’m still learning just as I am about singing/songwriting/performing; finding that elusive equilibrium. Like the song goes: ‘to everything turn, turn, turn’; I suppose as an artist I believe there’s a time to honk your horn and get people listening to what you want them to hear, and a time to be still and let the creative undertaking be the ultimate objective. A time to let the music speak for itself, even if but only a few ears ever get to hear it. I’ll trust in this process and just enjoy.

What do other artists think?



CC CHRONICLES: Throwback Thursday…. The Courtesan

Published by cctadmin on January 15th, 2015


be different

Published by cctadmin on January 14th, 2015


CC CHRONICLES: More Doll/Hair Therapy!

Published by cctadmin on December 27th, 2014


CC CHRONICLES: My Nephew Quinnie / My First Jerry Hamm Painting

Published by cctadmin on October 6th, 2014


What a great weekend over all.

Highlight moments where just today; my nephew Quinnie popped by with Gramma today for a hang out and supper.  He was totally into Poppy our cat.  I love him so much.

Also, I received this beautiful painting courtesy of local talent extraordinaire Jerry Hamm.  I have been a fan of his work and it gives me such incredible pleasure to hang this piece in my home.  Thank you Jerry.

CC CHRONICLES: Making My Doll Hobby/Problem WERK

Published by cctadmin on August 23rd, 2014


I collect used dolls.  All kinds, colors, conditions.

I strip them down.  I make them over.

I hack their hair, I make new dresses.  I paint more eye-lashes.

I name them.

Its really quite simple.

And therapeutic.

Not to mention entertaining.

HOWEVER – as I go along I am inspired by the many things I could do with these creatures once the work is done.  I find myself wanting to put the dolls to as good as use as I can.  I have no need to hold onto them once they are done, so what I am currently doing is using this inspiration to come up with a plan where I can somehow involve the community as well as create something even more special than just the dolls themselves.  There will be more details to come but in the meantime here is an EXCLUSIVE sneak peek at some of the more recent ones I’ve been ‘playing’ around with.

More details to come! STAY TUNED!


CC CHRONICLES: I Am Love In Action

Published by cctadmin on June 26th, 2014


I AM LOVE IN ACTION is a blog created by The Pas resident Amanda Emsland & I would like to share this site with you in the event there is something you can attain from it yourself.

I would encourage folks to check it out; I have recently become acquainted with Amanda & in these times I’ve found her story both inspirational & significant in several ways.  Above all what I appreciate is her mission behind  “It’s my purpose in life to simply be myself. I do not need to be anything other than what I am, or do anything other than what I love.  I am enough.  In that sense, we are all enough.  So by living life in this way, I am literally putting ‘Love in action’ everyday by simply being.” 

Check out for more.


let’s get animal

Published by cctadmin on May 7th, 2014


Published by cctadmin on April 13th, 2014


What do we have we here?

Oh – why I see its BARBIE MAKE-OVERS!  Who doesn’t love a good make-over?   A friend of mine was downsizing her daughters toys, & from it came an opportunity for me to take 10 Barbie dolls, who had seen better days – & completely re-invent them with hair-cuts, & clothes made from scraps of materials lying around the house!

Similarly to my doll head projects – this was a truly fun experience; using scissors to chop, shape & create characters from these old toys.  It certainly appeals to my love of transformations & re-invention.

Most of all – its just plain old fun to have permission to hack up dolls & material!  The funnest part is hearing from YOU!  ***Check out the gallery below for BEFORE/AFTER shots of the ‘girls’.