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Born and raised in Northern Manitoba, CC TRUBiAK is a multi-faceted artist, as well as a BSW graduate from Carleton University. Working in the field for 10 years he has most recently begun merging his creative talents as an artist/visionary with his social work practice. A published self-portrait photographer (Hail the Narcissist, 2010) and singer/songwriter (They Say I’m Different, 2011) he firmly believes in the healing power of the arts; his songs poignant explorations of deeply felt insights that always reveal a spark of hope, optimism and courage.

Initially when I began doing self-portrait photography, I did so as a way of self-exploration and discovery – and the dynamics between our dominant and submissive selves are the fundamentals of my work. My portraits begin with a character idea, evolving into compositions where this character becomes the primary subject; characterization as a means of emotional catharsis. To me, art is a reflection of both our dominant and submissive selves and photography allows me to explore other existing sides of my personal architecture by allowing the more submissive sides to dominate and shine, even if temporarily so. When these selves begin to shine our darkness transforms from a weakness into a byproduct of strength – and therefore by getting dressed in our strengths and weaknesses, we attempt to toughen and wash our hands of what we perceive to be weakness. Music on the other hand provides an amazing opportunity to engage and extend myself vocally, which is something I struggled to do as a youth growing up.  Bringing the arts into my social work seems a very natural progression.

A born story-teller, TRUBiAK recently exhibited his work at Manitoba’s NorVA Centre and is part of an emerging art scene in Ottawa, most recently performing at THE RAiNBOW, ELMDALE HOUSE TAVERN and SAW Gallery; nominated by Xpress as Best New Musical Act and Best AlbumThey Say I’m Different” (2011).  In Spring, 2011 TRUBiAK was featured in Ottawa’s underground art mag GUERiLLA, as one of 7 emerging erotic artists.  Also featured in publications COTTAGE NORTH and Manitoba’s NORTHERN EXPERiENCE, TRUBiAK contrinued to grab the attention of the public by gracing the cover of 2B MAGAZiNE with collaborator DANNiEL OiCKLE, as part of an growing Queer art scene.  His recent involvement with Artswell, a registered Canadian charity dedicated to improving the quality of life and well being of individuals living with the effects of age, illness or injury, has renewed his interest in making the arts accessible and interactive.

Hail the Narcissist

HAiL THE NARCiSSiST: A book of portraits Available now in hardcover on blurb.com

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