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CC CHRONICLES: Heading into New Year/2016

Published by cctadmin on December 29th, 2015


I’m not necessarily into New Years resolutions; however, I had an inspired thought as we returned from Ontario for Christmas vacation. I found myself looking out the window and out into the sky and I was daydreaming of things I’d like to experience in the year ahead…

I’m grateful for everything that I have, including family and my partner, a home and my health.  I have friends, a good job and yet I also have a lot of dreams.

My intention in writing a to-do list for 2016 was more to celebrate the dreamer inside.  Since childhood dreams were the foundation of my drive to accomplish all the things I love.  It was my dreams that kept me warm during times I felt alone and afraid; filled my soul like the sun feeds our planet.

I tend to believe we all have a purpose; and a journey to walk.  The passing of the years has given me a clearer perspective and I just can’t deny that I want to do great things; ‘little things’ that mean a lot.  Maybe that’s what makes me work at life the way I do…

You can do things, if you try.

Today I wrote out a list of at least 26 ‘things’ I personally want to do; basically jotted down the items on a sheet of paper and put them on my shelf… the plan is to open it at the end of 2016 and see if I’ve possibly made any of these ‘dreams’ happen.

Time shall tell! Here’s to dreams. Here’s to 2016.