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CC CHRONICLES: Sandra’s ‘Finger Candy’ does ONJ-inspired fingernails for me!

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words to live by

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i wanna be here…

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words of wisdom

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CC CHRONICLES: Hart to Hart-inspired!

Published by cctadmin on January 25th, 2015


I’ve been through several ‘retro’ television shows in the past year, thanks to Netflix:  first it was watching Murder, She Wrote (again) in chronological order.  Next it was watching all 5 seasons of Charlie’s Angels, which lead me directly to Fantasy Island.  I gotta admit by the time I was through Fantasy Island I was left with a sort of separation anxiety brought on by the thought “Well that was fun…. NOW what?”

Hart to Hart has since filled the void left behind.  Vaguely familiar with it from my youth I knew it was about a jet-setting millionaire couple who moonlighted as amateur detectives.  I knew it stared Robert Wagoner and Stefanie Powers as “Mr. & Mrs. H”, as Max would refer to them.  Max was their loyal, gravelly-voiced butler/cook/chauffeur and basic all round helper with their ‘cases’.  Oh and I can’t forget their dog Freeway.

What a great show, it certainly hits all my right buttons; intrigue, murder, fashion, romance.  Wagoner and Powers also had a great chemistry.  Props.

Hence why I found myself inspired by Jennifer Hart (aka ‘Mrs. H’) this weekend in all her late 70′s/early 80′s splendor; from head to toe she was a fashion plate much like Charlie’s Angels, but like Max assures in Hart to Hart’s opening sequence, “This is Mrs. H — she’s gorgeous. She’s one lady who knows how to take care of herself.”

Below are my weekend’s worth of hair designs, inspired whist catching episodes in between all my running around; after all what would I do without my hair therapy sessions?

1) Mrs. H was a beautiful freelance journalist – often the plots for any given episode revolved around her on-the-job discoveries and therefore I couldn’t help but appreciate her permed hair-do’s, the shoulder-padded blazers and high neck-lines.  In this photo I imagined she was gathering research on the ancient Egyptian artifacts newly on display at the museum… only she finds herself uncovering much much more than she bargained for, thus putting her and Jonathan at the centre of a smuggling scheme.

2) Because the Harts are quite well known for there millionaire status – they sometimes have to go ‘under-cover’ on their cases.  This means they get to put on clothes and change their style of speak so that they can do their sleuthing more secretively.  In this image I was inspired by the idea that Jonathan and Jennifer are under cover at the race-track, seeking more information about a dangerous theft-ring that threatens to destroy Hart Industries… she needed to be able to dip in and out of the shadows, but in style.

3) Mr & Mrs. H have a lot of wealthy friends – rubbing elbows with the elite is common for them, which of course provides the perfect backdrop for strange characters, murder and mystery.  I was intrigued by an episode where the Harts discover that Jennifer has a doppleganger in the form of a con-artists sultry wife.   I loved it because it allowed Stephanie Powers the chance to wear out-of-character clothes and talk with an accent.  Of course it inevitably leads to all sorts of shenanigans involving mistaken identify, kidnapping and ransom.  I imagined that they were at a masquerade party where Jennifer’s alter-ego and her get mixed up in mayhem….

4) If there was one thing that was initially harder to swallow – it was how in-your-face the Harts were with their affections for one another; they are not ones to care about PDA’s.  They are always cooing and touching, referring to each other ‘Darling’ as they wake up in their opulent California estate or drink wine in their kitchen while Max cooked their meals.  Early episodes had lots of cheeky, sexual innuendo that implied they had a very healthy and active sex life together – even though they didn’t have kids.. Fascinating.  The PDA’s lessoned over the seasons and they toned it down, but I have grown to appreciate that particular detail.  After all, what’s wrong with a happy and healthy rich couple?   I imagined they were in Greece for some kind of romantic getaway, only to find themselves attempting to prevent a politically motivated assassination.  Mrs. H would have to look her best for Jonathan; that means her best furs, pearls and silk gowns.

**Well, the weekend is nearly finished and I have accomplished not nearly enough.  Now that I have devoted a bit of time to hair therapy and chilling with the Hart’s – I think its time to prepare for the week ahead!  Until next time folks!



CC CHRONICLES: I love glamour… shiny things that sparkle….

Published by cctadmin on January 24th, 2015


I just love shiny, pretty things that sparkle.  Like the the sunshine rebounding off the lake water; or the way light bounces off your phone and makes wicked flashes against the wall and… make your cats go crazy.  Or like the shine of the gorgeous glamour  cover models on retro Cosmopolitan magazine.

I love them.  In recent years they’re not shiny enough to make me look while I’m in the check-out line at Walmart; but the retro covers from as far ago as when the magazine started, and right up to the 90′s I think they have it all.  The colours, the fresh faces and the fashions appeal to me more, perhaps nostalgia?  I really don’t think about it that hard.  I just stop and appreciate – hence this tiny gallery which I share with you!


Booty Tooch Thursday salutes Nick Offerman/Ron Swanson

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Big Jim

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Dress Pattern Girls

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CC CHRONICLES: Coming out of my cave…

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If you’ve ever felt as though the winter is long and like you could be contented to just hibernate away – you’ve felt like me these days.  Don’t get me wrong, I love all seasons:  the warm  array of colors of the fall leaves; the fresh scents of the spring flowers and bright and rich green of the summer’s trees… and winter.  Winter… I do love the blanket of snow that covers everything, and the time of year for its holiday cheer.  I also love winter because it gives me the perfect opportunity to cocoon at the end of my work day, and on my weekends which I love spending in my sweatpants and curled up with my cats … bears do it, right?

The thing is – if one’s not careful they can verge on near isolation, HIBERNATION in fact!  :-)

That’s me for sure, straddling that fine line.  I call it ‘self care’ but everything in moderation right? So when I get TOO into my winter hibernation mode I have a tendency to forget that I have a beard to trim, and a world beyond that cave for which I could be out playing in – at least in spurts!  :-)

Les Miserables rehearsals have given me the opportunity to get out of my cave and with that I have been inspired to groom myself; trim the beard, cut the hair, wash the face.  Change from that one orange tank top that just seems to fit so comfy at home yet doesn’t exactly translate into fashion once I hit the outside world.  After all, Marius Pontmercy should NOT look like early man.  Right?

I decided to have a little fun with this process – enjoy!

(*wig used for artistic purposes only) :-)