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Published by cctadmin on November 11th, 2014


I was listening to Rumours by the time I was in Grade 7…. to think within the next 48 hours I will actually SEE them with my own two eyes and HEAR them in all their musical glory!!!!


Lest We Forget

Published by cctadmin on November 11th, 2014


CC CHRONICLES: Little things mean a lot…

Published by cctadmin on November 10th, 2014


Thank you Amberly Durkee – for this special surprise you gave me.

You know exactly what my tastes are; and I just love these kinds of charming pieces.  To know you might have thought of me at the time you saw this is what makes me feel best.

On my shelf it goes – cherished forever!


CC CHRONICLES: An introduction to ‘Band On The Run’ / LIVE @ Johnny’s Social Club THIS DECEMBER!!!

Published by cctadmin on November 10th, 2014


Hello folks!
Got some exciting news for you as we head into the Christmas season; allow me to share and prepare you!

Band On The Run is group of local Flin Flon talents including Erick Bergman (vocals, guitar, drums); Mark Kolt (piano); Brent & Susan Lethbridge (guitar, vocals, percussion); Mike Spencer (guitar); John Bettger (base, guitar) and myself (vocals, percussion). These guys are amazing; several of us have played together in a variety of forms over the past year and it gives us great pleasure to do so! We’ve been working on a solid selection of classic rock/pop/folk for the better part of the past few months – including classics by Steely Dan, John Mayer, Rod Stewart and more; all in effort to hopefully put on an enjoyable and intimate night of fun for the community!

THIS December 12th & 13th we have not one – but two nights of jam-packed music to warm your hearts and rock your souls. Here’s what you need to know:

Where: Johnny’s Social Club
When: Friday & Saturday (December 12 & 13th)
*Bring your own snacks & utensils.

Tickets are $10 & available EXCLUSIVELY @ Orange Toad & Northern Rainbows End beginning Monday, November 10th/2014. If one location has sold out for either night, please check the other location to make sure!
Orange Toad: 687-5093/ 115 Main St.
Northern Rainbows End: 687-7855/ 55 Main St.

***Seating is limited to 80 guests each night – so DO NOT delay in purchasing your tickets at either location. Tickets MUST be brought to the event for admission.



CC CHRONICLES: Happy 8 Year Anniversary Baby!

Published by cctadmin on November 6th, 2014


I gotta admit, when I received these roses from my boyfriend at work today I was taken aback: I wondered – what’s up?

Turns out its our 8 year anniversary!

I just want to send a message out there to the Universe to say THANK YOU for the loving blessing of Alain in my life.

IMG_0440 IMG_0438

Booty Tooch Thursday salutes Sophia Loren

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CC CHRONICLES: Walking home

Published by cctadmin on November 5th, 2014


Walking home is a part of the day I enjoy; its time I can really…. breathe.


the best of me….

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don’t judge…

Published by cctadmin on November 4th, 2014


How I feel about this Monday….

Published by cctadmin on November 3rd, 2014