CC CHRONICLES: Previously Unreleased Dylan Cover / ‘I Threw It All Away’

Published by cctadmin on September 2nd, 2014


Here it is – a rare and previously unreleased recording that Darren Holmes and I did back in Aylmer, Quebec 2011.  Originally, this Dylan tune (from his 1969 album Nashville Skyline) was intended to be included on Tiny Army: The D. Holmes Sessions; in fact it was the first recording that Darren and I did as a collaborative pair.  We’ll call it a warm-up exercise.

I’ve always been a huge fan of Nashville Skyline, and in particular ‘I Threw It All Away’ was the track I gravitated towards as a listener myself.  Not surprisingly Rolling Stone magazine listed as #42 in the 100 Greatest Dylan Songs of all time, which is not a bad placing I have to say, tho the entire Nashville Skyline album is a gem worth including in any Bob Dylan fans repertoire.   Rolling Stone called it “straightforward Tin Pan Alley-style song structure” and personally, its the touch of regret you hear in Dylan’s lyrics that spoke to me most.

Speaking of regrets – Holmes and I agreed that with this Dylan song we had a beautiful recording, however as the project moved along and decisions had to be made in terms of a final product – it made sense to cut ‘I Threw It All Away’ along with another Beach Boys cover tune.  Why?  Essentially it boiled down to time and money – two things neither of us had a lot of!  :-)

Alas, two songs were shelved, temporarily so – with an understanding between us that perhaps someday they could see the light of day.  And today is that day!

It gives me great pleasure to share this previously unreleased track (now available exclusively through Youtube) with the listening audience – take it for what it is and hopefully folks can find their own appreciation of it as I found in Dylan’s already classic version.

Here’s to you Dylan.  :-)

*Video by Torrid Productions.

2 Responses

  1. Keith Reed says:

    Terrific cover. And nice “liner notes” too, but they still left me wondering about the video footage?

    • cctadmin says:

      THANK YOU so much Keith Reed! It means a lot you checked it out – doing that cover was a real pleasure. The video footage is actually just compiled stock footage that a friend of mine (from all the way over in Ottawa) put together specifically for the Threw It All Away track we were looking to put online. Its not personal family footage by any means – but it seems to work in the case of this song! :-) Cheers!

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