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CC CHRONICLES: Up next: Breast Cancer Pledge Ride North @ Rotary Wheel / August 3rd

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This Sunday I will be kicking off the Breast Cancer Pledge Ride North by opening their evening of music and fun.  Come out & enjoy!


Booty Tooch Thursday Salutes JEM & the Holograms

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keep on the sunny side

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the ‘get along gang’

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Remember these guys?


oh veronica

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don’t be rude.

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if earth is a task garden; Flin Flon is my playground

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a little kick in the butt to start Monday off…

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CC CHRONICLES: To follow your dreams… that is the question!

Published by cctadmin on July 27th, 2014


I was talking just yesterday to one of my best friends – & she has inspired me, well, in many ways but one way in particular.  My friend is a working woman with a husband & two kids of her own – she is also an incredible artist.

She said to me that despite having her secure job – that she’s working towards having a sustainable income as an artist; she wants  to be a working artist.  And of course – this goal is do-able but it is also the kind of personal goal that would take a lot of blood, sweat & dedication to roll out.  Patience.  Courage.  Passion.  Knowledge.

I related to her.  Professionally I am a social worker; & just as my friend has her education in teaching – my education is in counselling.  For all intensive purposes we should be happy teaching & counselling – right?

In reality, as much as I love helping people in the capacity that I do – & as much as I value that education & this service; I want to spend my days making music, playing with musicians & building on that.   No, its not the easiest route for me to take – & there’s no guarantee I’m going to be successful at it but the fact still remains : if I were to really be following my hearts desire & I were to seriously listen to what my gut tells me to do – it would be to pursue music 100%.

Of course there are many obstacles for folks like my friend & I, in terms of listening to this inner whispering voice that says “follow your dreams, make it happen”.  Finances make it the most difficult; as to sing & create music is but ONE aspect to consider – I realize there is a whole business side to an endeavour like the ones my friend & I discussed & for me, its the financial/business aspect that has me at this stand still.  The reality is – careers are not built overnight; there’s work involved & hundreds of excuses a person can make as to avoid that work.

I’ve certainly put a lot of time in the past 5-6 years into seriously facing my own fears & putting them aside in order to embrace doing what I love doing.  I’m also grateful for every milestone & success I’ve had in cultivating my artistry; every radio slot, magazine feature – every rehearsal & live show – I accomplished these things by facing fear.  By being conscious of the opportunities to do that which I love.

Yet – here I sit :  I’m an unsigned, independent artist with a full time gig in another profession.  Clearly I’ve still a ways to go if I were to FULLY realize that desire I have to have a full time job as a working artist.  The question I ask myself is:  is this enough?  Are you content to remain as is or do you want more?  What are you willing to do to progress?  What other fears are you willing to face?……

I came to a conclusion that in spite of these financial/business barriers, & all my fears aside – I have to be honest with myself & recognize a) dreams are possible (& I know this because I have made many come true) & b) if I keep my heart & mind open chances are the world will work it out & manifest for me the opportunities I need to make good on this goal of mine.

What am I afraid of?



If I’ve learned anything in my life its that we all have a gift – & that gift should be nurtured.  Encouraged.  Supported.  Its fear that compels us to hold back, hesitate, avoid – & I’ve certainly done enough of that in my youth to know that I’d rather FACE MY FEARS & TRY.



So in the end – I make a commitment that I will remain open to any opportunities the world can offer in the way of assisting me on this journey.  I will make opportunities for myself – & I will trust in that guidance. I want to move forward in my quest to find out & BE the person I’m meant to be on this earth.

Are you with me folks?

What are YOUR dreams?


this is for you -

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