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the carpenters: rainy days & mondays

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Don’t just be another brick in the wall.

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CC CHRONICLES: Cabaret Night w/ The Hanson Sisters

Published by cctadmin on June 28th, 2014


Had a great time out last night at The Hanson Sisters show at the Community Hall ; I mean I could write at length the various ways I felt in and out of the process of working with this group & performing last night but I ‘ll spare you.  The nutshell: I enjoyed myself & it was a great learning experience, from a professional point of view.  What I love about music – playing with other musicians, is that through each individual you learn something more about yourself as well, in terms of whatever their unique perspective or experience.  Every single person I’ve ever sat & sang/played with I’ve enjoyed – & the Hanson Sisters  included (& obviously Brent Lethbridge & Mark Kolt, who respectively play & sing in the group).

Tonight I’ll be with another group of folks playing at The Legion for Flin Flon’s Annual Pig Roast – Flin Flon is in full tilt this weekend.

Thank you to those who are coming out & perhaps catching these show as well as any other festivities – its great opportunity to have a good time & those putting all these events together sure do appreciate having you there, as do I.  :-)


Happy Friday / Silver Lining

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no, but seriously….

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CC CHRONICLES: I Am Love In Action

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I AM LOVE IN ACTION is a blog created by The Pas resident Amanda Emsland & I would like to share this site with you in the event there is something you can attain from it yourself.

I would encourage folks to check it out; I have recently become acquainted with Amanda & in these times I’ve found her story both inspirational & significant in several ways.  Above all what I appreciate is her mission behind  “It’s my purpose in life to simply be myself. I do not need to be anything other than what I am, or do anything other than what I love.  I am enough.  In that sense, we are all enough.  So by living life in this way, I am literally putting ‘Love in action’ everyday by simply being.” 

Check out for more.


Booty Tooch Thursday Salutes Grace Jones

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girls like me.

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CC CHRONICLES: Snapshots from today…./ A Day In The Life

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The following images are …. let’s just say ‘a-day-in-the-life’ type photos…

It was a wonderful evening that started with a walk to Centoba Park in Flin Flon, Manitoba….. My senses were totally satisfied as we walked to the baseball field & I could …. breathe…. taking in everything from the beautiful breeze on my skin, the sun on my face, the sounds of wind in the trees & …. a general calm.   Oh, I do very much miss the glitter & the shine of things in the city.  I’ll admit sometimes I want to hear heavy traffic & see faces flashing by me in the streets as I hustle from point A to point B.   I”ll also admit that I’ll always love the city for its every seduction & sensory gratification.  However – today I feel as though I could pass all of that up for just what I have here – peace & a feeling of total love.

I stayed at the ball park for a while, before I walked home & found myself snapping all sorts of images of places… that made me feel love for this town called Flin Flon.  I snapped here & there until I found myself home in my backyard… where i couldn’t help but appreciate the size of my kale.  :-)

… so here are a select bunch of images.  I’ll let them speak for themselves however, as I continued to snap these images I couldn’t keep from thinking:  I am so happy to be here.