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Chrissy Snow Strongly Endorses the Booty Tooch – & SO SHOULD YOU!

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CC CHRONiCLES: Jammin’ with Erick Bergman 2014

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Had a nice night jammin’ with Flin Flonner Erick Bergman, a talented musician I met this past summer.  We’ve connected along with some other locals, including Mark Kolt, & Brent & Susan Lethbridge but lately the two of us have made a point of fiddling around with some tunes ourselves, including covers of ‘Beg, Steal & Borrow’, ‘Through the Morning, Through the Night’ & some tunes off of Tiny Army.  Can’t say enough positive things about Bergman – & given how much I love music its real nice to have folks to play around with.  Thanks Erick!



CC CHRONiCLES: Faith for my Father Today, Tomorrow & Always

Published by cctadmin on January 27th, 2014


I’ll be clutching this stone for as much of tonight & tomorrow as possible.  I may even tuck it under my pillow – a ritual I did for about a month one year ago.  I was going through a difficult time personally, which happened to coincide with my father beginning a battle with cancer.  I picked two stones, one black & one white – both with the words ‘Faith’ written across their smooth surface.  I offered one to my dad & he chose the black one while I kept the white one – symbolically I wanted him to know that I’m always there; that faith was something our entire family could draw upon, be it faith that health could be fully restored, or that everything would simply work out as it should.  To trust.

Cancer, like many things in life – is a very scary experience; & I knew that if it was scary for me & my brother & sisters to face what was ahead, Lord knows it was going to be even more frightening for dad.   I felt so many emotions, one being confusion – how do I help my dad?  What can I do?   He accepted this stone & together we held them & agreed that we would carry them hand in hand.

In that time I kept my stone under my pillow & I even clutched it in my hand for a weeks solid of sleep; if I awoke from a dream or a nightmare, if I was stirring with thoughts & images that cloaked me in fear – I held that stone & was instantly reminded not only of my ‘faith’, but of my dad, his courage & his will.  It helped me somehow.

Tomorrow, if all goes well – my dad will be undergoing yet another surgical procedure to remove the said cancer.  My sister, being the care-giving angel she is, is with him in Winnipeg tonight as dad faces this particular part of the journey… The rest of the family waits here, yet I know he’s still in our thoughts.  As we said goodbye at the airport I showed dad my stone & he told me ‘I have mine in my pocket.‘  I know he will think about it as I will tonight with it under my pillow once again.

I love you dad; I’m proud of you.

Please Universe, protect my dad & ensure he is taken care of in every single, possible way.


There are two ‘faith’ stones; here I hold mine in thoughts of my dad, who carries his in his pocket.


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With the recent release of Tiny Army: The D. Holmes Sessions on December 17th; I launched what I call my Tin Army Button Campaign.  In thanks to all of those who have been such an important part of seeing this project come to life I really wanted to find a fun way to unite everyone; so I designed and produced 60 colorful Tiny Army buttons of which I mailed out exclusively to friends and family alike who have really supported me in various ways.

Some were directly involved with the recording and production of Tiny Army itself; others helped to launch it to the public – contributing a lot of hours and talent that I know I couldn’t have done this without.  Others are folks I have been able to perform with live, or find inspiring creatively – and a whole lot of you are the family and friends who send words of encouragement and come to shows I’ve put on in the past years.

From the moment these folks started posting images of themselves donning the Tiny Army button I felt a great sense of love and joy; smiling children, friends holding it up in pride – how can a boy not feel the love? Thank you so very much for sharing in this with me – its been a fun ride so far.

Below is a special gallery of  some of the images collected over the past few weeks – each one is special to me.

IMG_4060 IMG_4061

CC CHRONiCLES: Deep In Thought: “The best revenge of all: happiness” ?

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Recently someone quoted author Chuck Palahniuk in a conversation we were having – the context escapes me now but the essence of the quote itself resonated.  He said “The best revenge of all: happiness.  Nothing drives people crazier than seeing someone have a good fucking life.”

It compelled me to consider the many times I’ve felt slighted, overlooked, demeaned or hurt by others; oh sure I’ll spend some time being angry – occasionally  perhaps too much time even.  I also do believe that it somehow motivates me to do the best I can.  I’ve begun to realize I can’t change people just because I want to, and a person will rarely get anywhere by exacting punishment or attempting to make others miserable.  So, as hard as it might be at times, the only thing left is to do your best.  Apparently when we let others attempts to effect us go, it drives them crazy!

I enjoyed thinking about this and found myself curious about what other folks take from it.  Thoughts?


CC CHRONiCLES: A Friends Act of Kindness

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Last night a very thoughtful friend named Amber surprised me with a few sweet gifts that couldn’t have come at a better time.  Below is a photo of her holding a fridge magnet with Ten Things to Always Remember…and One Thing to Never Forget & even though we were standing in a crowded house party with voices & music beating through & through – I read it there with her by my side & it was as though we truly were alone somewhere peaceful.  It took me away for that brief moment where I could listen to the basic message my friend was trying to convey to me with this gift – & I thank her for loving me & being the special kind of person she is to communicate that love in such an obliging way.   With that, allow me to share it with you – xo.



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CC CHRONiCLES: De-stressing & Re-Balancing

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 In the wake of some stressful times I’ve been digging into my tool bag of tricks in effort to combat life’s stress.  Between work and personal life – it’s just my turn to feel overwhelmed enough that I have taken steps this week to decrease the stress and increase relaxation.

For me there were a couple of indicators it was time to take action: my moods have been fluctuating, often feeling irritable and emotionally tired; preoccupied at times with stress.  Weight gain was an indicator and sleep has been generally good however this week I had vivid nightmares related to work, driving, etc.

For the past week I have began my plan of action as I do believe in being pro-active in initiating  my self-care: not only have I made the choice to cut out alcohol and junk food, but also decrease my carb intake as well as increase my fruits, veggies and water.  Four days into being back on the treadmill at the gym have helped in terms of being able to sweat out frustrations as well as gain a sense of control.  I’m on a mission to work through things little by little as to restore life balance.  I don’t meditate or do yoga…but music is my choice of hobby.

All of this has led me to wonder – and perhaps you can share your own stories – what are YOUR tools for combatting stress and restoring balance in life like?  I’d like to learn more about what works for others and even possibly be inspired to try some new things that cover spirit, mind and body.  If you’d like to leave a comment and share I would really appreciate.

Up at Dad's House / Flin Flon, MB. 2014.

Up at Dad’s House / Flin Flon, MB. 2014.


Ray LaMontagne: Beg, Steal or Borrow (2010)

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