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CC CHRONiCLES: Inside CC’s Tiny Army / David Fort & ‘Sunrise’

Published by cctadmin on December 31st, 2013



Picture it; Hapnot collegiate circa 1995.  A stick of a young boy sits in the high schools computer lab, clutching a copy of Joni Mitchell’s Clouds LP.  Her image beams in shades of yellow and orange.  The boys  homework for creative writing class involved writing about any song lyric of his choice; his decision was to draw from Mitchell’s ‘Both Sides, Now’.

The lab was spattered with an assortment of teens typing away –  including a teacher at the front of the class droning on in lecture, and a  tall, gangly guy  with flowing hair who  tossed a pen up and down in the air  but a few computer screens down from the boy.  He seemed to be distracted from learning.

Now this boy with the LP  was awkward in every sense of the word: braces, glasses, pimples, curly hair and big ol’ nose and Adams apple protruding from his face; scurrying the school  halls at a fast pace with  head down  in as invisible fashion as he could.  Far too shy and insecure to participate in the school band or choir – his enjoyment of music was spent entirely in the solitude of his bedroom.

The other guy – by comparison, was as cool as they come –  appeared goofy, boisterous, involved with other peers musically; he certainly exuded an air of confidence the other boy had never known.  They had never spoken, though being a natural people-watcher the awkward boy had certainly taken note of this long-haired character before.

You could imagine his surprise when over his shoulder he hears a voice ask “You like Joni Mitchell?”  It was the tall guy with long hair and the question was indeed directed at him.  “Um… yeah”, was about all he could manage to reply;  engaging was a bit of foreign concept to him.

Thus was the start of a friendship between two unlikely guys – of course that guy with the long hair was David Fort and that boy was me.

I’ve known David since this time and the years and stories between us, though perhaps a little muddled now have always meant a lot to me – as has his friendship.  David’s involvement with music has never ceased; he’s been at it for years, writing, performing, recording and touring.  He is the founding member of the Winnipeg-based band TWIN (check them out on Reverbnation) and I could see him being this involved for the rest of his life; perhaps this is exactly as it should be.

In David’s offering to let me record ‘Sunrise’ he did me a great service; more so, by singing it with me on Tiny Army: The D. Holmes Sessions he gave me something I’ll hold close for my lifetime.  It’s an understatement to say he wrote a beautiful song – his contribution to this project feels like a piece of home has made it onto this album, and I suppose given how far back we go, its really quite true.

Below David has taken some time to share some of his own  thoughts by answering a few questions for this interview – check them out and be sure to give ‘Sunrise’ a proper listen.


Q) Where did the inspiration for Sunrise come from?

DF) It’s a bit of an individualistic song as it is a call for some semblance of a camaraderie in things we already know depressed deep inside of us all.

Q) What does Sunrise mean to you personally?

DF)  It’s been a real go-to song on tour as it always seems to work wherever we put it!

Q) As a songwriter, where do you find your inspiration?

DF) I write a lot of things in my head while walking. As far as inspiration just by trying to embody the things I am absorbing around me.

Q) You’re on a desert island and you only have 5 albums – what are they?

DF)  Oh nasty Question!

Q) What did you think of your experience in working with CC & being included within the Tiny Army project?

DF) Wonderful to say the least~! Right off the top working with a home town friend(Flin Flon) is great. Also Curtis is top notch real deal artist so for him to recognize my work is an honor as well. I also really enjoyed the hands off letting someone else take your work and give it something you would have never dreamed of is great.

Q) What’s next for David Fort & Twin?

DF) Returned to Winnipeg after the summer river tours and working on recording and upcoming tours.

THANK YOU Dave for your participation on Tiny Army!!!!

(Photograph by Darren Holmes)

Download ‘Sunrise’/Tiny Army: The D. Holmes Sessions on iTunes here.

Listen to it on Soundcloud here.


CC CHRONiCLES: ‘New Album a Musical Expedition’ / The Flin Flon Reminder interviews CC Trubiak

Published by cctadmin on December 16th, 2013


Local writer Jonathon Naylor shot several questions my way as ‘Tiny Army: The D. Holmes Sessions‘ began its launch.  Today the article hits the streets & I’d like to take time from this busy holiday season to thank him from the bottom of my heart.  Not only did interviewing me provide a great platform to share the project but he asked questions I really appreciated at the same time, making it more than your average interview.  For one, I could tell he invested time into listening to the album prior to questioining me, & with that the process of engaging was an enjoyable one, certainly from my persepective.

Thank you Jonathon & the Reminder for the feature.


CC CHRONiCLES: My Unwritten Life Reviews ‘Tiny Army’ (December 16, 2013)

Published by cctadmin on December 16th, 2013


My Unwritten Life writer Brandy Leptick Reid did me a great service by reviewing ‘Tiny Army: The D. Holmes Sessions‘ & writing a piece on her personal blog, a collection of personal insights.

Thank you Brandy for your time as well as your encouraging thoughts.  To check out the full review click here.

Photography by Darren Holmes.


CC CHRONiCLES: ‘CC Trubiak’s War Wounds’ Interview with Danniel Oickle (December 13, 2013)

Published by cctadmin on December 16th, 2013


Danniel Oickle provided me a great opportunity by presenting me with an interview/review of ‘Tiny Army: The D. Holmes Sessions‘.  As friends we go back to creative times in Ottawa, Ontario – & knowing how busy Danniel is with his own recent release of the electro-pop ‘Blitzkrieg‘, I sure do appreciate him writing me.  To read Danniel’s full review please click here:  CC Trubiak’s War Wounds.

Photography by Bonnie Findley.


CC CHRONiCLES: ‘A Tiny army with a powerful sound!’ / TypeQ interviews CC Trubiak (December 10th, 2013)

Published by cctadmin on December 16th, 2013


I guess in entertainment terms, I’m doing the ‘press junket’ – which just feels really weird to say; yet as Dolly Parton says: “Sometimes you just gotta honk your own horn, or else no one’s gonna hear you coming!”  As such I have been doing what I can to honk my horn and have ‘Tiny Army: The D. Holmes Sessions‘ heard!

Thank you to Noreen Fagan @ TypeQ in Ottawa, Ontario for providing me with an interview for your readers.  Also, big thanks to those at Dorothy’s Closet for connecting me to those at TypeQ!  You really came to my assistance on my quest – and your support to me is immeasurble.

If you click the link below you can go directly to Noreen Fagen’s interview with me, published on December 10th, 2013.

“A Tiny Army with a powerful sound!” – Interview by Noreen Fagen


CC CHRONiCLES: Kirsten Burkett’s Glass Art / Flin Flon Manitoba 2013.

Published by cctadmin on December 13th, 2013


Recently I bought some glass doves by local Flin Flon glass artist Kirsten Burkett – & each dollar was worth it.  Kirsten is talented artist & these doves are true treasures.   Thank you Kirsten, & know they are dangling beautifully from my Christmas tree!!!

CC CHRONiCLES: CC on 102.9 CFAR “Your Radio Station”

Published by cctadmin on December 11th, 2013


Whew!  I hate the sound of my own speaking voice, as I’m guessing is the case for a lot of us – however, those anxieties aside I had a great time promoting ‘Tiny Army: The D. Holmes Sessions‘ on 102.9 CFAR “Your Radio Station”.  Rob Hart made me feel right at home & handled me like a true professional.

Plus, it was great to have my friend & fellow ‘Tiny Army’ member Lisa Goodfellow by my side, as it was really her who helped orchestrate this all, & has been a big part of helping me roll out the album.

*** They played ‘Illusions’ off the album which was really cool to hear!

Thanks again to CFAR!

CC CHRONiCLES: A View of Flin Flon, MB. 2013

Published by cctadmin on December 10th, 2013

play thing

Published by cctadmin on December 9th, 2013

CC CHRONiCLES: PRE-ORDER your copy of ‘Tiny Army’ on iTunes

Published by cctadmin on December 7th, 2013


What a busy week its been; on top of regular work & home life in the North country, I have an album that as of Tuesday, is avaliable for PRE-SALE on iTunes!

That’s right.  ‘Tiny Army: The D. Holmes Sessions‘, which began as a project between Darren Holmes & I in the Fall of 2011 – is finally at that stage where we can birth it to the public.  As such, folks can PRE-ORDER their very own copy from iTunes, receiving the Aileen Martella-penned ‘Open Up My Heart (You’ll See a Tiny Army)’ as a preview to the album.

In the meantime, as an independent artist, I’ve spent the time & resources I have, on doing what I can to share ‘Tiny Army’; including sending out press kits to various radio stations & publications all across Canada, contacting people I know to let them know about the project & generally spreading the gospel of CC.  So far the payoff has been landing an interview with Mark Szyszlo, host of North Country on CBC Radio One 100.9 FM, in Thompson, Manitoba, as well as interviews with several other culture publications which I look forward to sharing with you.

Please check out a teaser for the album below, created by Darren, as well – click here to visit iTunes & pre-order your own copy!

Thanks folks!