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Published by cctadmin on April 29th, 2013


In this day & age, written communication is often lost on us; with just the flick of our fingers we can text our friend in India, log online on our friends iPhone over a coffee date so they can show us the pic of that friend of a friend, of a friend…  I know I’m not that old but I recall when I was a teenager & my cousin Shannon from Edmonton & I would write letters to each other; pages & pages, school pics & stickers – & I would be waiting for those moments mom would come home with the pile of mail & I would anticipate getting that reply letter.  It was similar in my later teens when my Uncle Sterling would send me letters & gift packages containing wonderful movies & magazines one could only find in the big city.  After all – I grew up in Northern Manitoba; & there was not a lot going on up here, or so it always felt in teenage angst.  That’s why these letters from cousin Shannon & Uncle Sterling meant so much; it felt like an honour someone would take that special time to communicate something to you – & I always loved being able to sit down & respond in a thought out manner.

Fast forward to this strange & full-circle time of being back home in Flin Flon to work this year; yes times have changed & I now have that iPhone to stay in better contact with the outside world as it is – but I still have a great appreciation for the few cards, letters, gift packages & photos loved ones have very thoughtfully sent to me in this time.

Most recently – I came home from work to find this little golden package awaiting me; my name written with such character & creativity.  Glancing over to the return address I read R.A.B. Perch / A. Peck of Ottawa, Ontario.  Of course I recognized the name immediately, thanks to Facebook where someone with a horrible memory for names like me can be reminded of people’s full or alias names each time they log online.  The R in R.A.B. stands for Robert, this I knew; & although Robert is not necessarily someone I have spent a great deal of time with in the physical sense – I have certainly become more acquainted with him via the social networking of Facebook.  Truth be told – I met Robert years ago, back in the days I frequented The Lookout bar on Wednesdays for Karaoke night; & we’re talking 7-8 years ago.  We’d both spend social nights there & of course I found Robert to be a sweet & polite guy – but I never would have known that we’d become acquainted enough over Facebook in the years to come that he’d be inspired to send me this care package up North. Inside this golden parcel was a sweetly written card & a ‘mixed’ cd of music by an artist he felt inclined to share with me; a fine singer by the name of Sarah Jaffe. of which he stated “I know how important music is to you, and I wanted to share some of my discoveries with you.  I hope you enjoy my selections and that one or two inspire you.”

I just have to say – THANK YOU ROBERT A.B. PERCH for being the kind  & thoughtful man you are; this package came at just the right time for me; as did this beautiful music for which I have been listening to all through my weekend.  Indeed I am inspired & more so, touched because of your gesture.  It reminds me that people can surprise you with their consideration in life; & that thoughtful little things like a hand written letter can brighten your day more than the quickest of texts.  You are a gentleman & it is certainly not lost on me.

FLASHBACK: Olivia Newton-John / ‘Why Don’t You Write Me’ (1972)

Published by cctadmin on April 29th, 2013


Every now & then I need me a little dose of ONJ.  Depending on my mood at that given time, I may require 80′s Olivia; in full-on synthesizer & spandex mode – complete with that confident vocal she would grow into; or perhaps its faux-barnyard ONJ, delivering that crystal-clear sound that made her a hit across the world mid-70′s.  Today I feel like going even further back, to a 1972 Olivia, who was still relatively fresh in terms of style.  Prior to her country-folk-pop-rock incarnations she recorded several albums (like this 1972 album ‘Olivia’, released on Festival Records & produced by Bruce Welch) in the UK that allowed her to experiment with some alternative covers of otherwise well-established tunes like George Harrison’s ‘What Is Life’, Kris Kristofferson’s ‘Help Me Make It Through The Night’, & this Paul Simon tune, ‘Why Don’t You Write Me’.  The album as a whole is unlike any of her other albums: inherently fresh, ernest & folky. Every now & then its good to search outside the dominant hits like ‘Physical’, ‘Magic’, ‘I Honestly Love You’ & the mega hits from 1978′s Motion Picture Soundtrack ‘Grease’ & to re-explore the aspects of her expansive career.  Here’s to ONJ: a class act.

CC CHRONiCLES: Five Easy Pieces featured in the Reminder / Friday April 26, 2013

Published by cctadmin on April 27th, 2013

This past week I answered a couple of questions for Flin Flon’s local paper the Reminder for a short feature they expressed interest in doing on last weeks Relay for Life Fundraiser, in which Five Easy Pieces provided entertainment.  As such today’s paper had this clip, teasing next weeks feature, which will also share some insights from one of the fundraisers leading ladies, Leona Kemp (of Northern RainbowsEnd).  Leona & several other incredibly dedicated team members (who called themselves Northern Rainbows Chicks) put on a great event so I was happy to contribute in any way, including the interview.  Stay tuned for more.

CC CHRONiCLES: Five Easy Pieces to Open for Abramson Singers / May 18th 2013 / Flin Flon Manitoba

Published by cctadmin on April 27th, 2013


Five Easy Pieces are gearing up for a May 18th show @ the Saint George Ukrainian Orthodox Church (83 Church St), in which they’ll be opening for Vancouver-based indie band Abramson Singers.  Tickets are available at Orange Toad on Main St ($15).

Abramson Singers have a beautiful sound; I spent hours just checking them out on youtube.  Listen ‘How To Love A Drowning Man’ below & fall in love yourself.

 Check out the poster below for details; for further information on Abramson Singers please go to .


CC CHRONiCLES : FiVE EASY PiECES @ NRE Fundraiser/Relay For Life

Published by cctadmin on April 21st, 2013


Northern RainbowsEnd threw a fundraiser coffee house for Relay For Life, which took place last night at the Lutheran Church.  The team of ladies raising funds for cancer invited Five Easy Pieces to be the musical act & what a night it turned out to be.

Fresh off my ‘Chicago’ stint I was pretty exhausted physically speaking; at the same time I wouldn’t have wanted to miss out on the opportunity to play amongst my FEP gang because they are just so darn inspiring & fun.  I popped my Sudafed & drank my ginger tea for three days leading up to the show & was well enough to go come showtime.

Needless to say we got our groove despite not having played together in over a month & a half; which is a testament to how ‘easy’ we really are.  Thanks to Northern RainbowsEnd for the invitation – & all the ladies efforts to put on a great night of food & cheer; as well big thanks to the audience for their enthusiasm & appreciation.  I have to say that what I’m most thankful for is when I see the familiar faces of friends, family or local people who follow our shows & support us.  I think specifically of the handful of friends who regularly make an effort to listen; that’s the kind of support that just can’t be bought or sold.  These friends know who they are.

Stay tuned for more as Five Easy Pieces are lining up more local shows this and next month.

Coming up on May 18th we’ll be opening for folk singer Abramson Singers ( & for several other cancer fundraiser events, so stay tuned for more details.  Check out some images below that were snapped last night by the crowd.




Published by cctadmin on April 11th, 2013


If I’ve been a little more off the grid these days I have good reason; in addition to my day job, fundraising gigs with band Five Easy Pieces, & wrapping up production on ‘Tiny Army: The D. Holmes Sessions’ I have been taking on the fun task of dancing (yes, dancing!) in the Flin Flon Community Choir’s local production of Broadway musical ‘Chicago’.

Flin Flon is real lucky to be able to have this production; we are even more fortunate to have director Crystal Kolt & the plethora of other talented people on & off-stage making this all come together. ‘Chicago’ is a huge dance piece; with 15 dance numbers, most fronted by the amazing Miranda Bowman & Samantha Moore & supported by a cross section of talents including a stellar orchestra band, a couple of fine Winnipeg dancers, sound & light experts, a choreographer & a lot of locals who generously devote time to act, sing in the choir, prepare costumes & manage everything & everyone backstage. It’s fantastic & inspiring!

Those familiar with ‘Chicago’ know its set in the 1920’s & that it weaves the tale of two murderesses Velma Kelly (Moore) & Roxie Hart (Bowman) as they embark on a love-hate relationship & a quest for fame. Even more interesting to me are the stories-within-the-story; all of the shenanigans & fodder that take place amongst the locals involved in this ensemble. Flin Flon has a lot of larger-than-life characters; there are moments I think of the classic novel ‘Peyton Place’ or the old country song ‘Harper Valley PTA’.  To clarify I say this with the most affection; It’s these characters within this ensemble that have made the hours spent so much more colorful & memorable to me. A person really could write a book, sitcom or episode of ‘Murder She Wrote’ with this stuff! I certainly have no shortage of material!

As we gear up for the big reveal (this Friday, Saturday & Sunday) I think back to how the experiences all unfolded; my initial doubts & attempts learn choreography, developing bonds with new & old faces, & just embracing a new experience that has been a special part of this already unique chapter of my life. I’m so appreciative of these moments & the opportunity to connect with a variety of folks. Below are some photographs I snapped which are but a glimpse at what some of these times & characters looked like through my eyes. Thank you to everyone for this once in a lifetime experience. (Dbl click on the images in the gallery)





Published by cctadmin on April 1st, 2013

I’m a bit behind in my updates, but I had been meaning to post these images, taken by John Scott – at the Sunrise Benefit for David Fort, held March 2nd @ Johnny’s Social Club.  It was a great night – a fantastic event with many people to thank for their contributions both in money and donations to the cause.  Locals artists like Karen Clark, Monique Rainville donated beautiful pieces; Crystal Kolt of Flin Flon Arts Council donated a FREE ticket to ‘CHiCAGO’, coming up in April; Northern Rainbows End & Pharmasave donated store prizes & everyone who came out generously contributed to the cause, weather in money or food.  I remain thankful to everyone – & esp to John for coming up from Brandon support his son in this way – as well as us in our effort to come together in music for him.

FiVE EASY PiECES are gearing up for a handful of live shows in the next couple of months – & for me its great because when I think back to when I first arrived  here in Flin Flon, I had no idea I would find this opportunity to sing and play amongst such talented people – much less for a crowd of appreciative folks.  I tried to tally up all the live shows I’ve been able to do here and I’m losing track!  It’s somewhere between 12-15, with more to come!  I’m amazed & thankful for the experiences.  (Photos below come courtesy of John Scott.)