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Published by cctadmin on October 28th, 2012

Outside of work its been all about the music.  Rehearsing as part of FiVE EASY PiECES, or solo with ANN ROSS as the two of us prepare for a fundraiser performance November 16th.

In truth, today I write about these musical times, but in my heart I am elsewhere…. This weekend marks three months that I’ve been away from Ottawa & settled into my Manitoba life. The experiences have been remarkable; I can’t express how much of a surprise its been professionally, personally & creatively.  That said, perhaps I’ve hit a bit of a wall this week; as I could feel this underlying persistent feeling of fatigue, of the spirit, heart & mind.  The best way I can say it is that I’m feeling somewhat lost.

This is not an unusual state of mind for me; but things have been so stimulating & new here that I suppose I have not had the time to feel anything but excitement at all the change amidst me.  Yet here & now I know that somethings not quite right within; but the question becomes – what can I do?  Who can I turn to?  Who will understand?

I tend to go within, look within.  I give myself this time to feel the uncomfortable feeling of loneliness & sadness.. unsure of its root, trigger or remedy.  I wait for it to hopefully clear; as I believe all things must pass.

At the end of the day – what would comfort me the most at this time, is to be blanketed in love; held warmly & assured that I am loved &  ok as I am.  Perhaps because my love is back in Ottawa – this sting of sadness is only compounded & there is really no one to embrace me the way I need.  I wonder how I can hold MYSELF.

Originally my intent was to post the chronicles of these musical times, & below you will see images from this weeks jam session with ANN; but know that below the surface of all that is good; I’m struggling inside.  I’m giving it all I’ve got to hold on.  Through the fear, doubts & confusion.  Sometimes the world feels cold & your holding on to the notion that within that world you had a place & worth…

I know that tomorrow is another day; the sun is behind those clouds & it is waiting to come out & shine down upon me.  But for today it remains another story & I will try to hold on.



Published by cctadmin on October 27th, 2012

Today I give a shout out to those I know walk a unique road in life; yet who inspire me by virtue of staying true to themselves, living life with realness & aspiring to truth & honesty.

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Published by cctadmin on October 16th, 2012

Big fan of BORiS TORRES, New York City based painter & visionary.  Below are just a few of his sketches.  Check him out on his website: for much much more.


Published by cctadmin on October 16th, 2012

Last Friday marked the official debut performance of FiVE EASY PiECES; Northminster Church was the place & fundraising for Flin Flon’s Women’s Resource Centre was the name of the cause.

All in all, the turn out was wonderful & the evenings acts all displayed a range of talent & musicality.  In short, I enjoyed the opportunity to come out & engage with the community & to share the music of FiVE EASY PiECES as a part of it.

FiVE EASY PiECES will also be playing future shows for those who missed out on the Coffee House or would simply like to follow us along.  Below are the dates & locations – with more details to come!

Check out some photos below:

November 23rd: ORANGE TOAD

December 27th: NORVA CENTRE

January 11th: UNiTED CHURCH


Published by cctadmin on October 11th, 2012

The other night I was chatting with a friend of mine who lives in Ottawa.  I’ve yet to meet her in person; this connection has been initiated all through social media networks like Twitter & Facebook.  I will say, I appreciated this conversation & her character.

Particularly noteworthy about this dialogue were some insightful words she had to say in relation to a discussion we were having about a feeling I sometimes get in life.  Essentially I reflected on something I’ve recognized within myself as I get older; as someone who is & always has been solitary by nature.  The irony being that struggle to embrace that which makes us ‘different’ & unique vs. the instinct at times to go within & protect it from the worlds effect.

She shared a beautiful quote.  Here it is, in scrap-book doodle form.