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I’m sad to say so, but MOVEMBER is officially O.V.E.R.  I hadn’t particularly noticed in December, thanks to the Christmas rush of it all – however, I’m far too aware now – there is a complete lack of bearded/mustached men walking around.  Why so sad?  I’m a sucker for a man with facial hair and what MOVEMBER provided was a plethora of interesting faces and characters to behold – all of whom looked FAR more intriguing to me with hair than baby-faced.  You take a normally clean-shaven chap and add four weeks or so of growth and POOF!!! – suddenly he is transformed into a man fare more virile and macho than he ever could have been without.  I’m not entirely sure what that means, I simply know that from an early age, the stache was a powerful magnet that I could not resist.

In fact, recently I tried to seduce my boyfriend (who is already blessed with a thick beard) into shaving it off for way of embracing his inner stache – but his resistance is much too strong (far too strong in my opinion!) despite my coaxing.  I’ve tried to hint at the results he could yield but ….

Oh well.  I will never give up on the dream.  Sooner or later he will fulfill my wish!

In the meantime, I will get my fix by referring to the many other glorious bearded/stashed men of our times – and there is no shortage of examples from which to draw from for inspiration.   ***** MOVEMBER MEN – you would be wise to know that your stache holds a lot of power, perhaps even unbeknown st to you – so do what you can to yield it and put it to good use!!!!  If these men did it – so can YOU!

Feast your eyes on my collection!


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suicide, I would assume that to a degree, we all understand the seriousness of this issue  – that bullying has and likely will continue to affect society. That is, until more can be done in terms of awareness and prevention.

In a recent discussion with one of my best girlfriends the topic of bullying came up, in context to our understanding of how kids who face criticism on a daily basis can often times develop coping mechanisms that are carried into adulthood, for better or for worse. Our rationales and beliefs on this subject are very much informed by respective experiences in being bullied as youth; she the archetype of the shy, overweight bookworm-girl with crooked teeth and I the skinny small-town fairy-boy hiding in the halls of his school; both experienced in fearing for their safety and well versed in insults and threats.

My friend and I have known each other for years so the subject of bullying was hardly foreign to either of us. While we both know these experiences do not define who we are, we acknowledge they had detrimental effects; a common denominator uniting our individual stories being ingrained coping mechanisms of sensitivity and a pre-disposition to self-judgment. I’d go as for as to say that this was as much a factor that connected us as youth as was anything else – misfits uniting on a common ground. Something she said in terms of self-awareness stood out for me in this recent discussion, and so to paraphrase:

Not anyone could surprise me with a criticism I haven’t already had myself… when you have been bullied by kids in school – it hurts; the shock more than anything. So no one is going to say these things and shock me because I already know the negative – you can’t hurt me with what I already know…

If anything it speaks to how as adults, we can still contend with the residual effects of being bullied, even years after the insults and threats have faded. One of the residual effects of bullying is a self-judgment arguably as detrimental to our mental/emotional health today as was the actual bullying going on in our youth. This coping mechanism of judging oneself so harshly in the face of stress and/or life in general, can still hold us back from being our higher self  (whatever it is we deem our higher self to be) if we are not conscious of it.

Leading me to wonder if this is the case for a lot of people and if so – are we really any better to ourselves today than bullies were to us back then? While I do understand how and why we can be our own worst judge, jury and executioner (as a matter of coping with life) – I do wonder how better off we are today if we’ve yet to rid ourselves of the self-judgment developed in the name of self-preservation….

I do agree with my friend – there is nothing anyone could say to me that could hurt me as much as the things I say to myself. Fine. And further more, I agree that in many instances as youth, and perhaps as adults – its the shock in facing judgment that stings more than the judgment itself – because we are not always prepared to comprehend what inanity is.  I acknowledge that light-years away from high school bullying, I now need to take a moment from time to time and ask myself just how beneficial it is for me to be so self-critical, even if the trait to be so was born out of psychological defense.

So if there is any kind of final statement to make – clearly there is an urgent need in our society to protect children and youth from being bullied.  However, there is also the need for people in general to be conscious of potentially negatively ingrained coping mechanisms born out of being bullied, as these traits may or may not be holding us back in entirely different ways in our adulthood. I don’t suppose I’ll ever refrain from judging myself;  yet I am 100% opposed to holding on to self-judgment unnecessarily so, particularly when its effects do nothing in the way of liberating us.


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Just a day away from heading to my partners side of family for a Christmas get-away, I’m uber excited about the road trip music we’ll get to play on our way up.  Its what I love about the road: time to let the music do what it does best in transporting you wherever you seek to go! (Well TiM HORTONS and other shameful activities are no chop liver either, to be clear.)

I suppose I’m looking forward to sneaking in at least a few ABBA tunes (see youtube links below) because who can argue that the highway loves it some ABBA just as much as anything else.  The members of ABBA emulate 1970′s fun and camp.

In my little fantasy world/town – where JUiCE NEWTON is a rancher, JOHN DENVER my next door neighbor, and say ANDY GiBB is my co-worker at the disco (I have lots of jobs in this fantasy world) then ABBA would be my friends – and I could see the four of them coming over to my place in their bright clothes and sun-shiny Swedish demeanor and we’d sit in a circle of stools and jam out harmonies.  Oh, OLiViA could come too!  KAREN CARPENTER would have been invited but too tired to make it.  The girls and I could talk hair and I’d be all over the boys to discuss those fabulous trousers they wear….I wonder what kind of shenanigans we’d get into…  Well I just think ABBA would be fun – so after jamming we could all go out dancing to some funky music somewhere.  The girls would get home ok, somehow.


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This has been quite the productive week in terms of working on music.  In preparation for THE RAiNBOW show coming up on January 10th, 2012, iSAAC VALLENTiN and another beautifully talented friend of mine, JENNY NASMiTH dropped by my place last Monday (Dec. 12th) to work on a couple of songs I have in mind to play, should they be ready to share with an audience.

I found myself surprised by the end of our session together, by a couple of things – primarily because my only expectation prior to their arrival, was to have a good time and share music.  They are my friends, first and foremost.   What I found was a very natural and organic chemistry between the three of us.  For example, iSAAC, who brought his guitar and an accordion, basically taught JENNY (a natural singer who had never picked up an accordion before) how to play 4 chords so she could follow him and I as we tackled ‘iLLUSiONS’ an original tune of mine.  JENNY was unbelievably quick to get the chords, and before I knew it we were working our way through ‘iLLUSiONS’ with a fresh and natural ease.

On THEY SAY i’M DiFFERENT, I look at the recording of ‘iLLUSiONS’ rather fondly, as it was literally the first of 10 songs produced by DANNiEL OiCKLE (over the course of a year).  I’ve reflected on the song as it stands on its own, as well I’ve critically analyzed my vocals as a singer ; naturally I now see the recording as  much more of a demo version, if you will.  Meaning – I have since seen and heard its potential to offer much more as a song.   Having iSAAC take over on guitar was the first key change, but to additionally bring JENNY on board with that sweet accordion I began to see that potential finally being teased out.   In due time the three of us were so comfortable in a new found arrangement of ‘iLLUSiONS’ - that before I knew it they were chiming in with some honeyed harmonies that had me quite moved.  It was a moment where I knew we were on to something.  We were in the right direction.   We are in the right direction.

I’m thankful for that time with them – and I sensed there was a mutual appreciation going on, so much so that I have asked the both of them to accompany me for THE RAiNBOW show, so we can perhaps share this development to a listening crowd.

On a final note – the riches of the jam session aside, I did have an awkward moment or two of insecurity.  Not being formally trained as a musician or singer  it can be challenging during any jam session if you can’t articulate yourself musically, and so I discovered that something I look forward to learning more over the course of time – is being able to better communicate with other musicians/singers.  For example, years ago when I bought my first guitar (MOTHER MAYBELLE), it was my downstairs neighbor who generously taught me between 6-8 chords to help start me in the right direction, and its a little embarrassing to say that to this day I  still don’t necessarily identify chords by their proper names, but rather – I play by ear.   I don’t read music. It works when you’re on your own – but nowadays, as I try to work and play with others, I do notice a bit of a struggle to communicate thoughts on chord changes/progressions etc, just ideas in general – and therefore I learned that eventually I would sure like to break that barrier and face the fear of learning music more formally.  JENNY, a very patient and incredible communicator – served well in helping me communicate during the process and she generously offered to talk one on one on as many occasions as necessary to help me nip that little insecurity in the bud.

I thank both iSAAC and JENNY for that time – and also look forward to rehearsing ‘iLLUSiONS’ and ‘WORKHORSE’ (iSAAC’S original tune) in time for THE RAiNBOW.

Cheers! CC X


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Since I’m unable to make it back for a Manitoba Christmas with the family my Momma made me this care-package – and I couldn’t be happier!  Makes me wanna bust out my ANNE MURRAY Christmas stuff -  what’s a Canadian Christmas without ANNE MURRAY?  What’s a CC Christmas without ANNE MURRAY for that matter?  Here’s to all care-package-sending Momma’s, the care packages themselves, ANNE MURRAY & the joy they all bring!  I’ve since opened up tins to find sugar cookies, and butter tarts.  Mmmmmmmmmm…… Thanks MOM! xx


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Below are selected photos taken backstage or during THE CORRUPTiON of FLESH show – by Ottawa photographer BONNiE FiNDLEY – for more of her work please check out

For more on DANNiEL OiCKLE & THE CORRUPTiON of FLESH – check out