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if there ever was one.  Between him and LiNDSAY BUCKiNGHAM, GRAM PARSONS and ROBERT PLANT I couldn’t get enough growing up, but there was something about TAYLOR that stood out.

I was introduced to TAYLOR’S breakthrough album ‘Sweet Baby James’ in high school, nearly 20 years after its release in 1970.  I did find it intriguing to find out that around this time he had been in and out of a full blown heroin addiction – and somehow this made his delivery all the more appealing.  It made his sorrow and longing real.  SWEET BABY JAMES opens with the song of the same title, and as soon as you hear his natural sense of phrasing, every syllable beautifully in time – you know he had that thing.

There is a young cowboy he lives on the range
His horse and his cattle are his only companions
He works in the saddle and he sleeps in the canyons
Just waiting for Summer, his pastures to change

And as the moon rises he sits by his fire
Thinking about women and glasses of beer
And closing his eyes as the dogies retire
He sings out a song which is soft but it’s clear
As if maybe someone could hear

This introduction to JAMES TAYLOR had my adolescent head spinning.  No, I had never been in a relationship (I was 15) but I knew that if there ever was a ‘type’ that got my senses tingly, it was the JAMES TAYLOR type: sensitive, lonely, and TROUBLED.  HOT.

Goodnight you moonlight ladies
Rockabye sweet baby James
Deep greens and blues are the colours I choose
Won’t you let me go down in my dreams
And rockabye sweet baby James

I was iN LOVE with this man.  I only wish I could have been at Newport Folk Festival in 1969 to drool.   FiRE and RAiN is a song about TAYLOR’S experience in psychiatric institutions and the suicide of his friend.  His guitar style was really unlike any others at the time -  a finger-picking style that was meant to be like a piano.  Both the album and the single reached #3 in the Billboard charts, with SWEET BABY JAMES selling more than 1½ million copies in its first yearand eventually more than 3 million in the United States alone. SWEET BABY JAMES was received at its time as a folk-rock masterpiece, an album that effectively showcased TAYLOR’S talents to the mainstream public, marked the direction he would take in following years, and made him one of the main forces of the movement.

JAMES TAYLOR is an inspiration to me – personally because I admire his ability to write songs and sing in a way unlike any other man in the history of music.  Kudos to you JAMES, wherever you are – and thanks for the great music!


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SPOTLiGHT : ZOE BARANSKi : just a normal person with her head up in the sky

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(making it the #1 song of the 1980′s), the album went double platinum and peaked at #6.  On top of that it marks the pinnacle of OLiViA NEWTON-JOHN’S career.  The song was impossible to escape and it allowed her to distance herself even further from her goody-goody image.  Most of all, its a damn good album.

Chopping off her long blond hair and opting for a somewhat foxier image, PHYSiCAL presented ONJ as a full-blown mega superstar.  Picking up where TOTALLY HOT and XANADU left off PHYSiCAL skillfully balances catchy yet mellow dance cuts with immaculately crafted pop and ballads.  The title track of course is the best example of the dance side, but LANDSLiDE, MAKE A MOVE ON ME, PROMiSE (THE DOLPHiN SONG) illustrate that PHYSiCAL wasn’t a one-hit record at all – if anything they hold up better than the big hit.  Comparatively from the bulk of her 1970′s albums which had 79% filler – PHYSiCAL has a much stronger sense of focus and concept.

Production-wise as well – PHYSiCAL is ONJ’S most well crafted album; fun and very crisp, her vocals sound a far cry away from the wispy days of iF NOT FOR YOU.  She had clearly become a much more confident vocalist, sounding especially strong on SiLVERY RAiN, CARRiED AWAY and LOVE MAKE ME STRONG.

PHYSiCAL also spawned a corresponding video album of the same name, an industry first that helped launch the nascent long-form music video market.  Each of the album’s songs had its own corresponding promotional video, also allowing fans a chance to see ONJ as a sleek, aerobics devotee, as well as numerous other trendy characters, such as a kinky high power boss (LANDSLiDE), and yoga chick (CARRiED AWAY).  A surreal streak runs through a few shorts, especially RECOVERY, in which she rides a horse through a desert, encounters a cage full of men in tuxedos, and wanders through a painting.   ABC broadcast the video as LET’S GET PHYSiCAL and launched her on a major summer tour that had her jumping and hamming it up on stages worldwide.  She was EVERYWHERE.

ONJ never was quite able to fully recapture the success of PHYSiCAL, nor did she ever capitalize off of her new-found image, at least in my opinion.  I’m sure if I could go back in time I would find OLiViA circa 1980 and slap her silly into truly embracing a sexier image, if her real desire was to extend herself as an artist.  Oh the potential there was – but luckily it does still exist for those of us who enjoy our pop perfections.  The plus side is that she paved the way for MADONNA, CYNDi LAUPER, SHEENA EASTON and PAT BENETAR – not to mention many of artists today by setting a certain precedence.  The downside is that for her she would never be able to sustain her own status as one of the top female pop singers of her time.


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I heard NAT KiNG COLE’SSTARDUST‘ while I was cooking over the weekend – and although I was chopping onions and boiling water in Ottawa – in my mind I was transported to another time and place.  A beautiful one at that.

It’s exquisite, and his voice is so smooth and lovely that one really has to reiterate how  lackluster a lot of today’s voices are in comparison – well, my argument is a whole other entry.  THiS is a recording artist.  THiS is a SiNGER.

STARDUST takes me away so let me take you with me…..


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tracks. Sometimes looking at the over abundance of online photography can leave a person bored, but I had an immediate response to this.

I admire both DAViD and his lable SLiCK iT UP (where he claims to take the business of menswear, active wear underwear and fetish wear “very serious”), although this work, both photographically and stylistically may not be for everyone. His work exudes confidence, bravado, humor, vibrancy; often injecting femininity on otherwise very masculine bodies. It’s intriguing and alluring. He certainly inspires me to want to step out of and/or explore outside my own box – landing a lot of the gear on right at the top of my CHRiSTMAS/BiRTHDAY WiSH LiST.

According to DAViD, “SLiCK iT UP came to life after 30 years of keen appreciation for body conscious clothing. Being a child of the 80’s made it impossible for me not to deeply appreciate the ideal.”  This is a sentiment I too can relate to, which perhaps might be why I’m very much on board.

His images are sexy and humorous; the wear has an in-your-face aesthetic  that some might say is over the top while other see it as pushing the boundaries art.  Fun and hot.  It has direction and vision as well as dark side to fashion that is seductive. What appeals to me most is the aspect of FANTASY – I’m huge on the notion of fantasy come to life. That we can transfer fantasies through photography as has DAViD MASON CHLOPRCKi. Check out his blog HOUSE OF VADAR – a combination of reflections, stylized videos, porn and fashion.


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I’ve always been inspired by BiANCA JAGGER’s style. A true fashionista, socialite and style icon, she was a main feature at STUDiO 54 with one of her best friends ANDY WARHOLBiANCA and MiCK JAGGER were an amazingly glamorous couple and went out a lot in the seventies.  Every designer wanted to dress her and she always looked exotic and wonderful.
Although I don’t have her dusky looks, I love the clothes she wore; one shoulder tops and dresses, lots of fabulous things created by her friend HALSTON, the hooded and Grecian dresses, furs, sequins, turbans, chokers, stunning hats, silk kaftans and of course the legendary YVES SAiNT LAURENT suits.