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Published by cctadmin on June 21st, 2011

Ok so I’m sipping a glass of gin and tonic,  contemplating why it is I might love DEATH BECOMES HER so much.  Sure the film was crap in many, many ways but the reasons to enjoy it are plenty – with MERYL STREEP as the narcissistic actress Madeline Ashton, and GOLDiE HAWN her ex-best friend Helen Sharp being the main.  The rest of the cast is excellent as well with BRUCE WiLLiS as wimpy plastic surgeon Ernest and ISABELLA ROSSELLiNi as an exotic New Age mystic.

I always have appreciated even the crappiest films that pair great actresses together, especially when they can potentially be so sharp and non-serious (unlike THE HOURS or NOTES ON A SCANDAL).  DEATH BECOMES HER is quite the grotesque comedy, and recall when I was younger that’s exactly what initially appealed to me.  Getting to see MERYL bashed over the head with a shovel, and GOLDiE’s infamous hole in the stomach (“Just look at me Ernest – I’m soaking wet!”) – I mean how many comedies have paired such funny ladies together in such a fashion?  The list is short.  There is a long line of funny comedies that pair our favorite ladies together (BiG BUSiNESS anyone?  ROMY & MiCHELLE’S HiGH SCHOOL REUNiON, OUTRAGEOUS FORTUNE) but there was something special about DEATH.. and I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that we as an audience were allowed to take enjoyment in having that arch-nemesis battle between friends take place.  And in the end – both Madeline and Helen were essentially two peas in one  messed up and tampered-with pod anyways.

Go watch it and see what I mean if you already haven’t!


Published by cctadmin on June 20th, 2011

I distinctly remember a phase of my life from about six years ago.  I had just arrived in Ottawa and was very new, very green to this city.  I did not have a job lined up for myself.  I had no particular connections to anyone other than my Uncle (bless him for that).  No special goals or plans to speak of.  Previously I had spent a lot of time free-floating from city to city and from one experience to the next.  It was a real moment-to-moment approach to life, and I suppose you could say I was a nomad of sorts.  Oh, don’t get me wrong, I had my fair share of dreams and aspirations but I certainly was not living up to them or my potential.  It only took me about six months before I realized I felt very lost.  I felt older than I once was, yet younger in legitimate experience.  Moment-to-moment only works for so long.  What’s interesting to me is that I can listen to The Boxer and at once be transported back into that singular time.  Floating.  Roaming.  Searching, always searching.  For what exactly, I don’t know.  The Boxer can carry me back to the image of a rag-a-muffin – or how did Uncle Sterling describe me at that time?  Ah yes, a ‘beatnik’ is the term I believe he used.  I felt akin to the young man in The Boxer; like him I was struggling to overcome loneliness and poverty in a new city.  It did not feel like home.  Rather, it made me long for home and the security and sanctuary a boy feels when he is safely hidden away in his room.  Just listening to his music.  Yet, like LAURA WiNGFiELD’S obsession with her glass animals in TENNESSEE WiLLiAM’S The Glass Menagerie, a boy can’t hide away from the world forever.  He can not avoid living.  In the final stanza Paul Simon laments “In the clearing stands a boxer, and a fighter by his trade.  And he carries the reminders of every glove that laid him down or cut him, til he cried out in his anger and his shame.  I am leaving, I am leaving, but the fighter still remains”.  Needless to say that life carried on, and I eventually found my way.  I’m still finding my way.  The final stanza makes me appreciate the battle wounds and scars that I have taken with me from my own battles.  Some of the scars are more visible than others.  Some I wear with pride.  I may always remain a searcher of sorts, but like The Boxer assures, ‘the fighter still remains’.


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Published by cctadmin on June 14th, 2011

It goes without saying that NEiL YOUNG is a phenomenal songwriter and musician.  He is also undeniably Canadian.  His music, at least in my opinion, conjures up so many beautiful images of Canada, and for me, particularly the Prairies.  Wide open fields, sunsets that could leave a person breathless, and roads that stretch on for years and years, occasionally sprinkled with the odd small town.  Or a greasy, road side diner/gas station equipped with a variety of Corn Nuts to suit a persons snack needs.  Even the Northern Lights in the sky look better in the Prairies than anywhere else in Canada.  Perhaps it is because I grew up in the Prairies listening to him that I make this association.  I’d also like to believe it is because the Prairies are an integral part of him too, and therefore his music can’t help but evoke those images and feelings.  ‘Harvest’ was probably the very first NEiL YOUNG album that I took notice of.  And the song Harvest remains one of my all-time favourites.  Yes, I could have chosen Heart of Gold.  It’s a classic, as was Needle and the Damage Done, or After the Gold Rush.  I love those as well, and they often get cited as his ‘best work’.  Yet Harvest appeals to me more.  I think it’s even underrated.  Also, NEiL YOUNG was never a pin-up pretty-boy artist.  Some would even say he’s damn scary looking.  “Edgy/Ugly”, as my friend SAMMY coined.  Nevertheless, in Harvest when he sings “Dream up, dream up, let me fill your cup, with the promise of a man” – I can’t deny I spent years fantasizing about having a good ol’ boy like him in my life.  Chalk it up to the wonderful effect of isolation.  Edgy/Ugly or not, NEiL YOUNG is deep, subtle and he has a point of view. His music came at a time in pop culture when the singer/songwriter was the rage, along with many other incredible recording artists like JAMES TAYLOR, CAROLE KiNG, CAT STEVENS, and CARLY SiMON.   In the third stanza he asks “Will I see you give more than I can take, Will I only harvest some?”  My response was and remains – I’m willing to take the risk!!! Pick me, pick me!!!



Published by cctadmin on June 12th, 2011

BONNiE AND CLYDE existed for me as myth and a glamorized treatment violence, which was a novelty to audiences in 1967 when the film originally premiered. Today, after the likes of CLOCKWORK ORANGE, NATURAL BORN KiLLERS, or any of the more recent TARANTiNO films, we can hardly engage with the film on this original shock-factor level. And yet, there is something strangely disturbing about its glossy veneer- as we follow the incredibly handsome pair BONNiE AND CLYDE around towns with white picket fences and picturesque little banks, all bathed in a warm, Technicolor glow.

BONNiE AND CLYDE was the first American film to really dwell on this level of gore, pioneering the use of slow camera motion to focus in on violent acts. Not the ‘fun and frolics’ Hollywood of before – and this is where the film begins to carve out its own, individual landmark on American cinema.

For me, what Director ARTHUR PENN did so brilliantly was to make his outlaws neither sinister freaks nor cruel tyrants. They are WARREN BEATTY and FAYE DUNAWAY, unsettlingly beautiful and at times gawky and fragile. As BONNiE says in her poem that immortalizes them:

“They call them cold-hearted killers
They say they are heartless and mean
But I say this with pride
That I once knew Clyde
When he was honest and upright and clean”.

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect to the film is the love between BONNiE AND CLYDEPENN subverts expectations by making the hero, CLYDE, impotent – shy and embarrassed about his failings, although openly honest about them: ‘I told you I weren’t no lover-boy’. And one of my favourite quotes from the consistently witty dialogue is BONNiE’S: ‘Your advertising’s just dandy… folks would never guess you don’t have a thing to sell’. And yet their love is almost truer than many of the thrill-seeking, sex-seeking modern-day pairs. The moments throughout the film where CLYDE protectively lashes out at anyone who dares cross his BONNiE, his awe for her, how they put up with each other and above all, how they discuss the far deeper issues that plague an individual’s consciousness – these are perhaps the true displays of a love that signifies ‘until death do us part’, which also turns out to be exactly the case. Far more than a lustful frenzy to satisfy basic urges.

BONNiE PARKER: I don’t have no mama. No family either.
CLYDE BARROW: Hey, I’m your family.
BONNiE PARKER: You know what, when we started out, I thought we was really goin’ somewhere. This is it. We’re just goin’, huh?

CLYDE BARROW: I love you.

BONNiE AND CLYDE are neither evil nor primitive, as it has often been said. They turn to crime as an alternative to the state of boredom of small-town life,  and violence, here, is a necessity, which sets the characters free, closer to the instinctive symbolism of violence and mythology of a child.  In essence they need to reinvent, rediscover the world from their own chaos.


Published by cctadmin on June 11th, 2011

Dear Viewers,

Recently I had the fortune of talking to a very creative and savvy friend of mine.  This friend is much more informed about how to communicate with society in today’s gizmo-happy times, particularly when you want to reach a lot of people and share a variety of things from music to photography.  Myself, I am a slow learner – but after much consideration I think I may developed some new and fresh ways to keep viewers of WWW.CCTRUBiAK.COM happy and entertained more frequently.  I would also LOVE to hear of any suggestions on what YOU may want to see more of so please share your suggestions!

So here is how it will look going forward:

MUSiC TRiBUTE MONDAYS : This is where I will continue to post anything pertaining to music that influences me; from my tributes to albums; songs; genres; singer/songwriters; cover art etc.  As of now I’ve been very sporadic in my tributes (BOB DYLAN, TANYA TUCKER, OLiVIA NEWTON-JOHN, LABELLE, CRYSTAL GAYLE, JUiCE NEWTON etc), but this will allow for more consistency.  I’ve really only touched the tip of the ice burg.

FiLM TRiBUTE TUESDAYS : Similarly I will do my best to post tributes to the films/actors/actresses/directors/genres that again, have inspired me over the years.  Up to now I have done short features on PAPER MOON (1974), KLUTE (1971), CARNAL KNOWLEDGE (1971), LADY SiNGS THE BLUES (1971), THE ROSE (1980) and THE PURPLE ROSE OF CAiRO (1985) but there are many more films to be discussed.  Any thoughts from you?

ANYTHiNG GOES WEDNESDAYS : On a day like Wednesday I say anything goes – so I may feel like doing a tribute/feature on anyone from a LOCAL ARTiST, to an exceptional SUPERSTAR from our times who has relevance to me and my own sensibility.  To date I’ve featured Ottawa-based photographer DARREN HOLMES, DEEDEE BUTTERS as well as STONEY MARTiNS and the OUTSiDERS – but keep your eyes open for future features on THE PEPTiDES, AKSHAY TYAGi, DANNiEL OiCKLE, DAN ZiEMKiEWiCZ and more.

QUOTABLE THURSDAYS : I am often inspired by the words of wisdom that can come from anyone as relevant as LADY GAGA to as everyday as the LiTTLE OLD LADY WHO SAT ON THE BUS NEXT TO ME.  Here is where I wish to share these words of wisdom with you.

PHOTO FRiDAYS : Here I would like to post any image or photograph of my choice, be it one of my own or by any given photographer, living or dead.  For all the years I spent pouring over TiME, ROLLiNG STONE, VOGUE, LiFE, iNTERViEW – there are millions of photos I find striking and inspirational – so let me share them with you!

Again – don’t be shy and let me know if any of you have ideas or suggestions on how to spice up CCTRUBiAK.COM.

Catch you on the flip side!



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Please let me take a moment to introduce you all to my very creative and talented friend AKSHAY.

AKSHAY TYAGi was born in India and graduated from NSCAD University in 2008 with a BFA in Textiles and a Minor in Fashion. He has shown at the Atlantic Fashion Week, has been reviewed by and been reviewed extensively and featured on the cover of The Coast, Halifax’s Weekly. Tyagi was commissioned by performance group Camerata Xara Young Women’s Choir in Halifax and actress Lucy Decoutere for Atlantic Film Festival and Toronto International Film Festival. He was recently appointed as a board of director on NSCAD University’s Alumni Association. He currently resides and practices in Canada as a personal stylist, artist, and designer.

On JUNE 8th, 2011 AKSHAY and I had an opportunity to collaborate on a very fun project together in Ottawa.  Using only selected items from my wardrobe he re-styled what were some of my favorite pieces – to reinvent them as something fresh.  With his styling and my photography – here are FiVE CC TRUBiAK LOOKS / AKSHAY TYAGi STYLE.

Stay tuned for more from AKSHAY TYAGi & CC TRUBiAK .

In the meantime be sure to check out for a much more in-depth look at who AKSHAY TYAGi is as a designer .  If the website is down – I encourage you to check out his fan page on Facebook.


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I have always liked JUiCE NEWTON’s voice and image enough that she holds a place in my special make-believe land – where everyone (and I mean everyone) exists in one place. This land is somewhere on a make-believe ranch. Real life friends and family of mine exist with LiZ TAYLOR and BOB DYLAN. And of course OLiViA NEWTON-JOHN lives down the street and SONNY & CHER could be sitting in the same park as you. And their friendly. You know the place – its the same place we all create in make-believe land, right?

Anyways – back to JUiCE. I like her voice – she has a beautiful and distinct voice. She’s no real beauty though – I mean in context to this make-believe land and all who live there. And even in reality too – in her prime JUiCE was good and made a mark of sorts, but she was never DOLLY PARTON, or EMMYLOU HARRiS. Yet she still earned a spot in my land of make-believe. I guess I always sort of decided she was the girl on the ranch who’d be off somewhere brushing some horse in a barn, all decked out in her 80′s jeans and long dry hair (that always appeared to be screaming for a trim). Compared to say, OLiViA, who was off somewhere else, floating though a wheat field, or DOLLY, who was probably not far behind, chasing butterflies. JUiCE was… just – like the BAiLEY to the JENNiFER on WKRP in CiNCiNNATI. I think you get it.

But to be fair – JUiCE still has a life in this land. So she might be a bit plainer, or whatever – but despite this I would like to think she was living out the narrative of “ANGEL of the MORNiNG” with some equally ugly/edgy male ranch-hand. What does she sing?

There’ll be no strings to bind your hands
not if my love can’t bind your heart.
And there’s no need to take a stand
for it was I who chose to start.
I see no need to take me home,
I’m old enough to face the dawn.

Yes, JUiCE is singing this on the ranch – because naturally she’s involved with a ranch-hand. And she sings so lovely, I’ll always give her that. So as critical as I am – I love JUiCE enough to share my land with her.

Here’s to JUiCE!

LETTER TO DOLLY : Are you there Dolly? It’s me, CC.

Published by cctadmin on June 1st, 2011