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Forget McDreamy. Or McSteamy. Take ROBERT REDFORD instead. I would. Here is my salute to one of Hollywood’s most iconic male actors and producers, not to mention a style icon to boot.


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Picture it : Flin Flon, Manitoba.  1983.  A young boy sits on the floor down in his family rec room.  For all intensive purposes he is alone.  The older sisters are out at play in the neighborhood, and his little baby brother is in the arms of his ever-lovin’ momma upstairs.  The little boy sits by himself, except for the collection of vinyl records that surrounds him.  These records that have his attention belong to his father, and just like child who takes pride in his baseball card or sticker collection, the little boy lays each and every record of his father’s down for ample viewing pleasure.  He likes to stare at this collection, soaking it in and picking up on the details of each front/back/inside image. There was so much to take in:  worldly places; rockers with long hair and tight leather pants; desirable women with stylish make-up and hair.  These records contained the many faces of rock and roll – and he knew they were designed to be as enjoyed as much as the music itself.  And enjoy it he did.

The little boy could become lost in a number of these images for hours at a time.  It also helped if his dad set up the turntable for him, allowing him to enjoy the music that accompanied the many images.   Today it was all about RONSTADT.

Terms like ‘Queen/King of _____” tend to get over used in today’s media but in the 1970′s LiNDA RONSTADT was the undisputed QUEEN OF ROCK: sexy and feisty at the same time, practically a poster girl for freewheeling femininity.  She always seemed to be wearing a skimpy little something in photographs, gazing up at you with doe eyes from under a luscious pile of dark brown hair. The little boy’s father had easily passed down his appreciation for RONSTADT to his son.  And although he didn’t quite have DESiRE for LiNDA RONSTADT in the traditional sense of the word, desire was still a huge part of the experience at hand.   It was as easy to get lost in the allure of LiNDA RONSTADT as it was for him to get lost in MiCK JAGGAR or ROBERT PLANT.   Even in his youth the little boy knew that power of desirability that LiNDA RONSTADT held both musically and physically – and it was equally admirable and powerful to him.


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FiLM SPOTLiGHT : NASHViLLE, Robert Altman 1974

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